(Minghui.org) Some situations have come up at each juncture with different people in various regions. Such situations have arisen for students and Dafa disciples to discern things and cultivate in the Fa, and to learn to consider cultivation as the starting point whenever they encounter something, assimilate to Dafa so as to save more people, instead of continuing to be influenced by human attachments.

However, in the special environment in Mainland China, there are always some people who don't place cultivation as the first and foremost, or solidly do well the things that are needed to save people—instead they take human attachments as their starting point. Some have inflated egos and engendered demons in their own minds. Some have idolized and praised others to the point where they have turned into demons, yet they remain unaware that it has happened. Some have not relinquished their attachments to fame, human emotions, and lust, and have lost their bottom line morality.

Yet they are still being flattered and pumped up, and think that they are more capable than others. Some want to artificially, haphazardly create some sort of “trend.” They seek out flashy accomplishments and they hover at the surface level. They forget that everything is determined by the divine and the heavens, and controlled by Master. This includes the environment in Mainland China and the specific environment for Mainland disciples to cultivate and save people.

Some Mainland students often think about their potential achievements if they were able to leave China, publishing a book overseas, and so on. The arrangements of Fa-rectification are not something that can be comprehended with human attachments. For example, Mainland students are prohibited from publishing books outside of China because they need to solidly cultivate, and fulfill their vows in the environment and circumstances that are present in China. Only then can they forge what they are to forge. There are other arrangements for situations outside of China.

Master said in “Explaining the Fa for Falun Dafa Assistants in Changchun” from Explaining the Content of Falun Dafa:

“Cultivation is like sifting sand with big waves—the sand is sifted out and only gold remains. The amount of gold that’s left depends on how you cultivate yourselves.”

If we think of the cultivation environment as a furnace, then because gold and sand are mixed together, as gold is tempered by fire, the sand is burned as well—it cannot be said that everything that has gone through fire is gold.

For example, Li Xupeng from the city of Shenyang is playing the same role as a demon. However, many students at various locations are extolling him. As for Li, if he were to immediately reflect on himself and correct his behavior, he may still have the opportunity to cultivate and make up for his mistakes. Otherwise, the consequences will be extremely grave and impossible for him to bear. As for others that have been involved, how come you still cannot discern the situation after over 10 years of tests? When you encounter something, is your starting point cultivation and saving people, or is it about satisfying individual desires and human attachments? What is the role that you have played each time a chaotic, confusing situation has arisen?

The remaining time in the Fa-rectification is not for satisfying one's pursuit of comfort and human attachments. We hope that everyone can remain clearheaded, truly place the Fa in our hearts and use it to guide our words and actions—only then can we validate the power of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance in the human world.

Minghui Editorial BoardFebruary 17, 2015