(Minghui.org) I heard a story about a man who had found an insect pupae in his home. A few days later, he noticed a tiny hole in the pupae wall and a small butterfly was trying to get out.

After watching it struggle for a while, he thought that it would never be able to get out on its own. So he grabbed some scissors, and cut the pupae open to free the little butterfly.

He immediately noticed that the insect's body was very big, but its wings were frail and narrow. He also saw that the butterfly was unable to fly and could only crawl.

The person obviously did not know that butterflies need to get out of their pupae by themselves. While it struggles, a gland on its body secretes a special fluid onto its wings, enabling its body to reduce in size, and at the same time strengthen its wings, so it is able to fly.

It's the same thing with human beings. Struggling is a necessary part of earthly existence. If a person can smoothly sail through his entire life, he will have lost the chance to temper himself and develop a strong character.

Suffering and making breakthroughs in life are part of the Creator's perfect plan. It's the same thing with athletes. They don't become great without willingly subjecting themselves to intense and exhaustive training.

Every Falun Dafa practitioner has different roots, has made different vows, and has a unique predestined relationship. In addition, each one has been provided a different path to return to their original true selves.

There are no role models in cultivation practice. Experience sharing among practitioners merely helps practitioners move forward more diligently.

For those who are mired in ongoing tribulations, I suggest that you follow Dafa and look inward to find the root cause of your problem.

We should also eliminate the mentality of relying on others, and face our own tribulations. Overcoming hardships is a necessary step in every cultivator's path.

A warning bell for Dafa practitioners' final exam has already rung. Many practitioners are making efforts to catch up, while others are still failing to use well the remaining time available to them.

The Fa-rectification has entered its final stage. In “Fa Teaching at the 2015 West Coast Fa Conference,”Master Li mentioned several times, “What to do?”

These three words have stirred many practitioners' hearts, “What will happen if I can’t return to my own world?” “What can I do if I see fellow practitioners sliding downward?” and “What am I going to do if I fail to save many of the people I was supposed to save?”

Despite the urgency, the closer this affair gets to the end, the calmer we should be. We should not be attached to consummating. We should wholeheartedly follow Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance in our every word and deed, and believe in Master and Dafa.

The entire cosmos is undergoing Fa-rectification. Even if an ordinary person does not understand the truth about the persecution after one round of discussion, we should not give up on them, nor should we be disappointed.

As long as we do our best, sentient beings will come to know the facts via other means, such as Dafa-related events or fliers. These people may still have an opportunity to be saved.

As practitioners, as long as we don't give up on ourselves, and as long as we strive forward in our cultivation practice, Master Li will not give up on us. The knowing side of ordinary people won't give up either.

Remember, our goal is to follow Master and return to our own true homes—with our sentient beings—and fulfill our historic vows!