(Minghui.org) I started practicing Falun Dafa on December 30, 1996. Within a week, my illnesses disappeared. Even though I read Master's teachings and practiced the exercises every day, I kept thinking about and handling issues from an everyday person's standpoint.

I would immediately argue whenever a conflict surfaced. I was always filled with regret afterward for not being able to keep my heart unmoved. Even though I had been practicing for several years, I couldn't control my temper. I thought, “Am I that five or ten percent who cannot keep up with the others? As a practitioner during Fa-rectification, I should do the three things well and assist Master in Fa-rectification.”

Master taught us in “Don't Argue” in Hong Yin III,

“Don't argue when people argue with youCultivation is looking within for the causeWanting to explain just feeds the attachmentBreadth of mind, unattached, brings true insight”

Determined to improve, I decided to behave like a practitioner and first look within. Whenever a conflict arose, I would remember Master's teachings instead of arguing.

Once, when I returned home late from a trip delivering Falun Gong informational materials to a village, my husband was furious and criticized me since I was late making dinner. I started to argue, but this time I decided to keep my temper in check. Instead, I immediately said, “I'm sorry. You are hungry. I will make sure I return on time from now on. Please forgive me this time.” He started smiling.

When my human mindset changed, my husband also changed. He began giving me a ride on his motorcycle whenever I needed to deliver materials or to go to group Fa study. Sometimes when I'm doing chores, he'll remind me to stop when it's time to send righteous thoughts.