(Minghui.org) I recently took several practitioners in my electric pedicab to a local market to distribute two large bags of desk calendars with information about Falun Dafa printed on them.

We arrived at an intersection and shouted out to the crowd about our free calendars. Several people approached us and wanted one. I asked them if they had quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) or its affiliated organizations. For those who were party members, we came up with pseudonyms under which they could quit. For those who were not, we asked if they supported the 200,000 lawsuits by Falun Dafa practitioners against Jiang Zemin, who is responsible for starting the persecution. The majority of them signed the the petition.

One man took a calendar and said he supported the lawsuit because Jiang Zemin has committed very bad deeds. Another man, Mr. Zhao, said Jiang should have been brought to justice a long time ago. Some people said that Jiang has killed so many practitioners that he should be given the death penalty. Others said they despised Jiang and made many negative remarks about him.

More and more people gathered around us. A practitioner handed out DVDs about Falun Dafa, while the rest of us distributed calendars, encouraged people to quit the CCP, and collected signatures to support the lawsuit against Jiang. Although there were six of us, we were very busy and felt shorthanded.

We soon ran out of calendars, and many expressed disappointment at missing out on them. We told them that we would be back another time.

A practitioner wrote a poem describing the scene:

You grabbed a calendar, and I want one as well.Falun Dafa calendar is a hot item.You quit the Youth League, and I renounced the Party.None of us want to be dragged down by the CCP.You sued Jiang, and I want to sue Jiang too.Jiang must be very afraid right now.