(Minghui.org) Ancient Chinese talk about emotions and desires that can influence our lives and easily affect a person's behavior. If a cultivator cannot let go of these attachments, one will linger at the level of an everyday person and will not be able to truly ascend.

Cultivating Falun Dafa enables us to reach very high levels in cultivation. How can we still be attached to these things? Even lower cultivation ways require their practitioners to let go of emotions and desires in the early stages of their cultivation.

For example, some practitioners are attached to the thought of reincarnation and dwell on the possibility of their being a high profile figure or of nobility in their past lives.

Some practitioners feel that something is missing in their lives and think about how to satisfy their needs. If they don't have wealth, status, or recognition in this life, they will look for them in their past lives. They use the information about reincarnation to fulfill their attachments, rather than finding them and making every effort to get rid of them.

Some practitioners have inflated egos because they have made money, earned a good reputation, or have a comfortable life. All of these stem from unknowingly treating ourselves as everyday people. How can we then believe that everything comes for the Fa?

No one is more noble than a Dafa disciple. Master removed our names from Hell when we started cultivation. Master has endured our karma that we accumulated from our past lives and given us the opportunity to establish mighty virtue.

How can we then measure the value of life from an ordinary person's standards? Our actions need to match that of a Dafa disciple.

Master has told us that even very high level gods envy us. Do we really believe Master's words? Do we understand why the gods envy us? If we don't truly believe in Master's Fa, we won't be able to improve in our cultivation, or fulfill the difficult mission of saving sentient beings.

Some practitioners believe that we have to earn everyday people's respect by having a successful career or wealth. I believe that this may be a reflection of not believing in Dafa. If being rich is the only way to earn people's respect, why didn't Master reincarnate into a king or a famous billionaire in this lifetime?

A person's sense of morality and virtues are his treasures, blessings, and true source of self-esteem. Dafa disciples are blessed with high levels of mind nature and mighty virtue when they cultivate in Dafa. As long as we follow Master's words, we can display the purest and most magnificent qualities and save people.

As for our social status in this lifetime, Master has told us that we gave up wealth and fame to become Dafa disciples and to assist Master in saving people.

If we were very rich or famous, we might incur a lot of karma or have difficulties letting go of possessions to embark on our journey of cultivation.

However, this doesn't mean that we go to extremes and take the most humble professions or don't develop our careers.

Dafa's arrangement is harmonious. If we focus on solid cultivation, we will have what we should have: no more and no less – just enough for saving people. Any attachments we don't let go of may cause additional tribulations and hardship for our cultivation.

The above is my personal understanding at my current cultivation level. Please kindly point out anything inappropriate.