Immediate Karmic Retribution for Involvement in Persecution

Officers from a local police station and the Fengman Police Department searched my home at midnight, three days before Chinese New Year's Eve in 2003. They were led there by the district director.

Soon after, I became determined to visit the district director to tell her about Falun Gong and why it was being persecuted. When my husband and I went to visit her the next day, we were told that she was in the hospital. So we went there to see her.

She was lying in bed, motionless and pale. She said she was bitten badly by a dog. Part of her calf muscle was bitten off and had to be replaced with a piece of her thigh. She had to be transferred to another hospital that could perform the surgery.

She told me what she remembered of the incident: “When we left your house, three of us were walking side by side, and I was in the middle. Suddenly, a large dog ran right at me and bit one of my calves. I cried out in pain. A neighbor came out with a stick to hit the dog, but it wouldn't let up on its grip. I couldn't get away. The officers I was with called for a taxi, and the taxi driver tried to scare the dog off with his headlights. Finally, the dog let me go.”

“The dog was tied down with a metal ring cemented in the ground. It shouldn't have been able to get loose. How could that dog suddenly break the chain and run straight at me?”

She paused a moment and said, “ I'm a Buddhist. I see that I've done bad deeds and received retribution for it.”

The district director never again brought the police to my house.

Son Recovers from Construction Accident

My son worked in construction in 2003. While he was painting a wall, his scaffolding collapsed, and he and two others fell to the ground. My son fractured his spine; the others each broke several ribs.

His family did not tell me about the accident. It was not until I realized I had not seen him for a while that I asked my granddaughter where her father had been. When I found out about the accident, they told me that he had not made any improvement since it happened.

I immediately phoned my son. I asked him if he remembered the words I told him to repeat if he ever had any trouble. He said he did and promised to start repeating them.

After he hung up, he quietly started to say “Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” He kept repeating them over and over again. He recalled later how he felt a large hand moving over his back that night, and then he heard a clicking sound. After that, he slept soundly for the first time since the accident.

The next morning when he awoke, he got out of bed by himself. Before repeating the special words, he could only lie flat in bed, unable to move. After that one night, he could not only stand up, but also stretch his arms and legs comfortably.

He was excited. “It is Dafa's Master who helped me connect my broken bones,” he told his family. “I recovered overnight. It is Master Li who has saved me. Thank you, Master!”