(Minghui.org) A piece of Internet news raced across China: Wang Hongbo, deputy warden of the Jinzhou Prison in Liaoning Province committed suicide in the basement of his home on the afternoon of November 6, 2015. News of Wang's suicide shocked prison guards and officials who worked with him.

According to the official report, Wang committed suicide due to “depression” but there was no explanation of why he was depressed.

An insider said Wang was being investigated for corruption and had been interrogated several times.

Many believe that Wang's fate came to him as retribution for the cruelties he was responsible for at Jinzhou Prison and Lingyuan City First Prison where he was the Political Education Department Director.

Wang Hongbo is not the first Jinzhou Prison official who suddenly died. Zhang Qing, the Penalty Execution Department Director, died of liver cancer. Li Xiangyang the 2nd Brigade Discipline Manager, was killed in a car accident.

Zhang Baozhi the 20th District Manager, was arrested in 2010 and later imprisoned for bribery and malfeasance. Zhang tortured and beat Falun Gong practitioner Zhang Litian to death.

Three wardens, Ma Zhenfeng, Gao Wenwei and Wang Liang, tried to cover up Zhang Baozhi’s crimes. They were subsequently dismissed from their positions.

Six prison guards, including Chen Xueli, Li Dong, Cui Peng and Li Dajian, were arrested in October, 2015 for taking bribes, malfeasance and forging documents to shorten inmates’ terms. They were reported to the prosecutor's office.

Several Jinzhou City officials in charge of the jail system were also implicated, including Director of Prisons Zhang Jiacheng who is being investigated. Political Adviser Huang Tao and Director of Political Affairs Yang Li both were dismissed from their positions. General Manager of Prison Management Bureau Song Wanzhong was indicted.

Many believe that these men who have actively persecuted and tortured wrongfully imprisoned Falun Gong practitioners are experiencing the effects of “what goes around, comes around,” that their tragic fates are a direct result of their misdoings.

Torture has been widely used on practitioners in Jinzhou Prison: the “tiger bench”, electric shock batons, sleep deprivation, beatings and numerous other forms of physical punishment. At least 3 Falun Gong practitioners have died there, including Xin Minduo, Cui Zhilin and Zhang Litian. Countless more have been injured or permanently disabled.

More than 20,000 examples of perpetrators meeting with what could be retribution have been reported on the Minghui website. Those affected range from high ranking central government politburo members to local community committee officials. The examples include imprisonment for corruption, fatal car accidents, lightning strikes, electrocution, cancer, suicide and other circumstances of tragic and untimely death. One prison guard suddenly dropped to the ground paralyzed, while walking in the street.

The Chinese Communist Party has promoted atheism for decades, deliberately destroying China's long held traditions of respect for the divine.

Here we want to remind those who are still actively involved in persecuting Falun Gong to immediately stop their evil-doing. Nothing we do in life goes unseen. Your pay back may come soon. Remember, the Communist Party always uses some officials as their scapegoats after each political campaign.

Officials who work in China's judicial systems including the police, prosecutors, courts and prisons, please wake up! Treating Falun Gong practitioners kindly can only return good things to yourself. Please do not allow yourself to end up as a scapegoat.