(Minghui.org) A Dalian resident was fortunate enough to be the chauffeur for Master Li Hongzhi when He came to her city in 1994 to give the nine-day seminar of Falun Dafa for the first time. As she and other Falun Dafa practitioners accompanied Master to different places, she experienced many unforgettable moments. Below she recounts the precious days she spent with Master.

1. Master Li's First Class In Dalian

March 27, 1994 was the most important and precious day of my life. It was the day Master Li Hongzhi came to Dalian for the first time to teach Falun Dafa (also known as Falun Gong).

The class was held in the lecture hall of Dalian University of Foreign Languages. Since I arrived very early and the door was not yet open, I bought a copy of Falun Gong from a nearby book stand. I sat on the stairs by the door and began to read. Immediately, I thought, Wow, what a book! It's full of profound principles I'd never heard of before! I became totally immersed in the book for the next hour, until someone told me it was time to enter the hall.

A female qigong master who was quite well-known in Dalian came to me and said, "I'm not coming here to learn Falun Gong, but rather just to have a look. For every qigong master who comes to Dalian, I check if the master is real or fake. If he is fake, I normally write notes to embarrass him."

Master Li entered the stage. He was young and tall, and looked to be very kind and respectful, with a loud voice. As I listened to Master speak, I felt intense emotion, and tears rolled down my face. I held a handkerchief to my face, feeling embarrassed. What had happened to me? I had never cried in public before!

At one point, I glanced at the female qigong master who had spoken to me before the lecture and saw her sitting up straight and giving Master Li her full attention. During the break, she came over to talk to me again.

"If you want to learn qigong, do not learn anything besides Falun Gong!" she remarked excitedly. "Teacher Li's Gong is so powerful! He radiates so much light, it's like lasers shooting everywhere!" She stopped calling Master by his name directly and started to use the word "Teacher."

Later, she wanted to meet Master and asked me to introduce her. Why did she ask me to introduce her, even though I was a new practitioner too? Here is a small anecdote:

After the first day of the class, I could not stop crying, and I wanted badly to be in Master's presence. I drove around the city until midnight to look for the hotel where Master stayed, but I failed to find it. During class on the second day, my tears kept coming down, and I once again had an urge to be near Master. During the break, when I saw Master enter a side room, I followed without hesitation.

As I entered, I heard Master say, "I am not riding in your car; the driver is not good."

"Teacher, please take my car!" I blurted out.

Master looked at me and said, "Her car is all right. I can take hers."

Professor Li from the qigong association looked unhappy that I had interrupted their conversation, but since we knew each other, he did not criticize me. "All the drivers in Dalian would love to drive for a big qigong master. I had four cars prepared. But you... " He paused, looked at me, and continued, "We'll use your car then."

Thus, I had a heaven-sent opportunity to be close to Master!

One day, a few of the class organizers and I accompanied Master to Xinghai Park. The female qigong master followed us to the park in a taxi. In the park, she kept boasting about some of her past experiences. Master told us, "These people just can't let go of their things, so they're hard to save.”

Sitting on a rock by the seaside, Master picked up a twig and wrote on the ground,

"Supernatural skills are but petty means,The Great Fa must be the basis of everything."("Seeking the Righteous Fa," Hong Yin)

Master then spoke to us about the Fa. That day, I noticed that the surface of the ocean looked very strange: the waves were rolling in the area close to us, but the surface was very calm farther in the distance. Master told us, "Today I am not only teaching the Fa to you. Many beings from the heavens and the ocean are here to listen as well." At the time, I had attended only a few lectures of Master's, so I did not fully understand what he had said. But since I believe every word from Master is true, I listened!

Some time later, the female qigong master invited me to her home and showed me a painting. It showed a golden dragon coming out from the ocean and a dragon fairy holding a dragon's beard.

"This was exactly what I witnessed at the seaside that day," she told me. "I asked a famous painter in Dalian to come to my home. I described the scene, and he painted it. I saw the dragon coming out of the water, but I still wonder whether it was brought forth by Teacher Li or myself."

I immediately responded, "How could you think that the dragon came because of you? Teacher said that beings from the heavens and the ocean were there listening to him!"

Regardless of what she said, that painting indeed depicted the scene from the seaside that day.

On the fourth day of the class, Master came to my home. A dozen other practitioners followed. Together, we watched Master's exercise-teaching video. In the video, Master was dressed in yellow and sat on the grass. "Look, where was I sitting?" asked Master. Some practitioners saw the truth and shouted, "On the lotus!"

Everyone saw the lotus except for me. In my heart, I blamed my bad eyesight. "Can you see?" Master asked me. Seeing that I couldn't, he continued, "I will make the lotus move so that you can see."

I saw it then! Master was sitting on a lotus flower with many layers, with its petals gently moving. It truly felt like a miracle.

Master picked up a tomato from a nearby plate. He covered it with both hands and said, "Someone can eat it."

"No, don't eat it!" I responded hurriedly. "Let's leave it here so we can look at it."

I put the tomato on top of the TV. For comparison, I put another tomato next to it. Someone exclaimed, "Look! The tomato is shining! There is a small Buddha inside!" I saw a ray of emerald-green light radiating from the top of the tomato to the ceiling. There was indeed a small Buddha sitting in the light. Not only was the tomato shining, but the TV and the wall were also emitting emerald-green lights. We were all in awe. That evening, I could still see the TV and the entire wall glowing emerald-green. The tomato continued to shine, giving off strong light. Later, when the comparison tomato became too soft, I changed it for a fresh one. On the 17th day, after changing the comparison tomato four times, the tomato Master had touched was still completely fresh. I became afraid that the tomato would go bad one day, so I let my child eat it. (Clearly, my enlightenment quality was poor.)

On that day, Master told us that the universe has been deviating from its standard of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and faced grave danger. He also said that the earth would face serious problems as a consequence, and that it was undetermined whether Dalian would remain. We all asked Master to preserve Dalian. Master responded, "If we keep Dalian, its water problem must first be solved."

At the time, there had been a severe drought in Dalian for many years. The water supply was often cut off. Yet, since the day when Master said that the water problem had to be solved, twenty years have passed and Dalian has not suffered any more water shortages.

On the sixth day of the class, Professor Li invited Master for a tour of the city. He carried two cameras with four rolls of film. A group of people went together. Along the tour, I noticed that Master did not want to take pictures with those people, which included some qigong masters. I thought that since Master did not want to take photos with them, the photos wouldn't come out. Eventually, Master called us four practitioners together and took two photos with us.

After the film was developed, Professor Li showed me a roll of unusable film. "It is really strange," he told me, "that when I went to develop the film, I found that the film from one of the cameras was missing." I suggested that maybe his family members had taken the film out. "That's impossible, since the cameras were with me all the time," he replied. "I developed the other rolls. But look, they were all ruined. Only these two photos came out right." Those two good photos were the two Master had taken with us four practitioners. Professor Li said excitedly, "Now I know! Teacher Li really is a Buddha!"

After I took the two photos home, a closer look revealed to me that there were two dragons present in one of the photos. In the other photo, there was a sword on top. I mentioned this to Master when I delivered the photos to him. I asked him whether I saw the dragons and the sword correctly. Master responded, "Do you know of the two seas in Dalian? The two dragon kings have been helping to guard the Fa since I arrived in the city. That sword is my cosmic sword, which is extremely powerful."

Several years later, in one of my dreams, Master lent the sword to me to battle with demons. It was indeed incredibly powerful. When I waved it a few times, tens of thousands of demons instantaneously disintegrated into nothingness.

One day, Ms. Sun, her husband, and I visited Master. Ms. Sun told Master that she had been suffering from heart disease for many years. She was in the hospital often and had been in critical condition four times. During particularly bad times, she couldn't even lie down and had to hold a pillow in a sitting position in order to sleep. Master put his left hand under the table. He lifted the table with his left hand while rotating his right hand. Master then put both hands together and walked outside. I told Ms. Sun that Master had purified her body.

Master returned after a short while. "Don't worry, you are fine now," Master said, smiling to Ms. Sun. "You have no more illness, and may now concentrate on your cultivation." Ms. Sun has since been cultivating for two decades. She has never skipped studying the Fa or doing the exercises. Of course, her heart disease never returned.

In April, I accompanied Master to a development district. During lunch, Master asked me, "You wear glasses. Are you nearsighted?" I told him that I was. "Look at that painting. Can you see it clearly?" Master asked, pointing to a painting on the wall. I said that I couldn't. Master then massaged my back from the top down three times and asked, "How about now?" I said, "It's better than before, but I still can't see it very clearly."

Master then told me that I wouldn't need glasses anymore. I told him that it was uncomfortable to be without glasses, since I had grown used to them – plus, people around me would think that I looked strange if I suddenly stopped wearing them. Master suggested that I wear a pair of glasses with flat lenses. After the conversation, I noticed that Professor Li was glaring at me with disapproval. I suddenly understood: Master told me something, yet I was refusing to accept it. My enlightenment quality was so poor! I immediately changed my way of thinking and told Master, "I can see the painting now."

Later, during a trip to Japan, I bought a beautiful pair of glasses with flat lenses. However, my eyesight was not good, with or without glasses. This went on for a year until one day, when I accidentally sat on the glasses and they snapped in half. I understood that Master was hinting to me that I should not wear glasses anymore. Exactly at that time, I was reading a question and answer section in one of Master's lectures: a practitioner had asked about wearing glasses, and Master had said that wearing glasses was a result of karma.

I saw my low enlightenment quality and immediately threw the glasses into the trash. Later that day, I went to the train station to meet someone. As I was looking around, I found that I could see everything very clearly. Excited, I looked and looked. I forgot that I was supposed to be meeting someone until that person tapped on my shoulder.

One day, I accompanied Master to his hotel room. A hotel attendant unlocked the room door. As soon as we entered the room, the TV turned on by itself. The attendant was very surprised. I looked at Master, who smiled and said, "This always happens when I enter a room."

On the first day of the class, a paralyzed woman was being carried in by her husband. The practitioner who was guarding the gate stopped them, telling them that Master was here to teach the Fa, not to treat illnesses. Precisely at that moment, Master passed by the gate and told the practitioner, "You can let them in."

Before the class started, Master treated the woman. She was able to move right away! At the end of the last class, she walked onto the stage, knelt down and kowtowed to Master, thanking him for saving her. It was emotional for all of us who witnessed this scene.

A month later, a few practitioners and I visited her home. In the past, we had witnessed cases of patients seemingly healed by other qigong masters, only to see the symptoms return after a few days. We wanted to see how she was doing. She lived on the fifth floor of her building. A neighbor told us that she was not home but was doing very well. According to the neighbor, she was able to climb the stairs every day and had gone to the local park to do exercises. We did not wait for her to return. We did not need to see her with our own eyes. Master's power is so extraordinary that other qigong masters cannot compare.

As the end of the class neared, Master encouraged us to write down our feelings and experiences about the class. I wrote and wrote, tears rolling down my cheeks. I kept having to rewrite it, but even the final version I handed in still had a few teardrops on it.

I wrote, "For decades, I did not know what I was seeking. Was it fame? After I became a low-level manager, I realized that fame was not what I wanted. Was it money? After I got some money, I realized that money was not what I wanted either. I was not sure what I wanted, which made me restless. After attending this nine-day Falun Dafa class, I have found what I had been seeking. Master has changed my worldview and my outlook on life."

These words came from the bottom of my heart. After the class in Dalian ended, we sent Master to his next destination, Jinzhou. The miracles that occurred during the Jinzhou trip due to Master was another real eye-opener for me.

(To be continued)