(Minghui.org) I am a coordinator for my area. Since last spring I was feeling trapped in the mundane affairs of ordinary people and found it difficult to withdraw from it.

That went on until early July when I dreamed that I had to take a very important exam that would be starting very soon. Because of the considerable distance, in order to get there on time, I would have to ride my bicycle. But I didn’t know where my bicycle was. When I finally located it, I discovered the front tire was flat.

I woke up in a sweat, with my heart still beating ferociously.

Being Released from Entrapment by Joining the Movement of Suing Jiang Zemin

Soon after my nightmare, I opened the Minghui website and noticed the abundance of articles written by fellow practitioners about filing lawsuits against Jiang Zemin, the former leader of the Chinese Communist Party. When I realized thousands have already joined the movement and sent in their criminal complaints to the proper authorities, I experienced a spiritual shock and awakening.

I was suddenly enlightened to the fact that, driven by my attachments to fame and fortune, I had allowed my ordinary people’s chores to wrap me around in a tight knot so that I couldn’t concentrate when I studied the Fa, and that in turn led to my being befuddled with the principles of the Fa.

Blinded by false pride and self-confidence, my complacency and self-righteousness had gotten blown out of proportion. I became so full of myself that I hadn’t been reading fellow practitioners’ sharing articles on the Minghui website, and that led to my not keeping step with Master in the Fa-rectification process.

I immediately downloaded from the Minghui website relevant information on the topic of suing Jiang. I printed out the articles as well as the templates and sample essays provided. I read them through carefully and thoroughly.

I then began to organize fellow practitioners from the cities and rural districts to come together to raise everybody’s awareness, to exchange ideas, and to encourage participation in this important and urgent matter to bring Jiang to justice.

Over 90 percent enthusiastically agreed to join in the effort. Some had already started the process of writing letters on their own initiative. Many said they had waited for a while for someone to give them guidance

Clarifying the Truth in the Post Office

It took us almost to the end of July before we finally finished sending out all our copies of criminal complaints against Jiang.

We soon got the news that a small percentage of our letters had been successfully received by the intended authorities, but another small percentage had been stranded at the Beijing airport, while the majority had been held back by the local 610 Office.

Faced with this seemingly pessimistic situation, we looked inward unconditionally. At the same time, we intensified our efforts of sending strong righteous thoughts.

We contacted fellow practitioners who were computer experts to help resend those letters with no proper receipts, to indicate that they had been successfully delivered to the intended recipients through the Internet.

We went separately to different post offices to seek out the original staff who handled our mail, to inquire assertively and righteously of what happened to our letters.

We spoke publicly within hearing distance of visitors to the post offices about the facts of Falun Gong, the lies behind the persecution, the atrocities instigated by Jiang Zemin, and the current en masse global tidal wave of filing lawsuits against Jiang.

The post office staff was very apologetic and very cooperative. But, that wasn't our concern. Having people’s understanding about Falun Gong and the persecution was really our true motivation.

Clarifying the Truth to the Township Government

In mid-August, the local township-level government officials, together with personnel from the police department and the police station, sought out practitioners to investigate the matter of Falun Gong disciples’ filing lawsuits against Jiang.

Because it involved an all out harassment, there was an overall feeling of insecurity among the majority of practitioners.

I consequently went around to talk with them, encouraging each to look inward to uncover individual personal shortcomings and loopholes, and to send strong righteous thoughts to eliminate all interference.

I learned one evening that the official harassment had descended on me earlier in the afternoon.

I thought. “These people are giving me a good chance to clarify the truth to them. Ordinarily, I really couldn’t find such a good excuse to call on them. I’ll take full advantage of this opportunity brought on by the movement of suing Jiang.”

When I determined to use my real name to sue Jiang, I had already put down any concern for life and death. I had only one thought:

“Let those people who ignorantly carry out Jiang and the evil Party’s orders to persecute Falun Gong to learn the truth about Falun Gong, to know that it is a crime they would have to pay for sooner and later, and to know that they must correct their errant ways in order to be saved from future retribution.”

I hopped on my motorcycle to pay a visit first to the secretary of the township government in charge of legal matters. He had heard me talk about Falun Gong before and had already made the right choice and supported Dafa. I was sure this time he was merely following orders to investigate the situation regarding the lawsuits against Jiang.

It was very easy to explain to him why we were doing what we were doing and what significance and impact this national movement is having. He listened and readily accepted what I said with sympathy and understanding.

When our meeting was over, he worried the police would give me a hard time, so he personally escorted me out.

Clarifying the Truth in the Police Station

When I went to see the director of the police station, I found him away from his office. I ended up talking to the police instructor.

After introducing myself to him using my real name, I said to him, “I am a Falun Gong practitioner. I should have been here to talk to you people sooner so you understand what we are doing. You need to know Falun Gong is a righteous practice. Falun Gong practitioners are not what the media tries to depict as some kind of demons and ghosts. So you don’t need to get scared when the name Falun Gong is mentioned.”

The instructor directed me to a room and sat me down next to a computer. A young police officer followed. I was preoccupied with how to clarify the truth and validate the Fa, and I didn’t pay attention to where I was taken. It was only later that I found out I was in an interrogation room being officially interrogated.

When the police officer started to conduct his questioning, I interrupted, “I want to state upfront and solemnly that I have neither broken any law nor committed any crime. You want me to talk, I’ll talk from my heart and be responsible for every word that comes out of my mouth, but I will not cooperate with your tone of voice or your style of questioning. You do that, you’ll get nothing from me.”

The instructor assured me quickly, “Sure, sure. Let's just talk casually. Speak your mind. Feel free to say what you want to say.”

I then began to tell how I had been searching for the truth and the meaning of life from a very young age, how I had studied but rejected the doctrines of Christianity and Buddhism, how I was attracted to the Communist Party’s ideals and allowed myself to be brainwashed by the CCP's party culture to have blindly joined the evil Party, and how I got myself inadvertently pulled into the CCP’s large vat of corruption. I then explained how I eventually ruined myself with my gambling addiction and how I was at the end of my rope but was blessed with encountering Dafa and turned my life around, and how Dafa gave me a new life with a healthy body and a good family.

I then went on to talk about how Falun Gong has spread to all corners of the world; how Jiang Zemin launched his persecution of Falun Gong out of jealousy and a personal vendetta; how Jiang used the power and might of the Communist regime to come down on a group of innocent people who follow the principles of Falun Gong to be good citizens; how Jiang broadcast lies and slanders and manufactured the Tiananmen self-immolation hoax to fool people and turn them against Falun Gong; how he went so far as to harvest organs from living Falun Gong practitioners for profit, and how this evil has finally led to international condemnation and the current movement of suing Jiang.

I backed everything I said with personal examples to illustrate the beauty of Falun Gong, and with ironclad evidential facts to demonstrate Jiang's heinous crimes committed in the persecution of Falun Gong. I also stated unequivocally that not to punish Jiang Zemin to the limit of the law is impossible to appease the national and international outrage, because his crimes are beyond heaven’s tolerance.

The instructor chimed in, “Falun Gong may be good, but they shouldn’t have attempted to lay siege on Zhongnanhai.”

I followed his train of thought and proceeded telling them the truth surrounding the April 25 incident, detailing the sequence of events leading to Falun Gong practitioners traveling from all around the country to appeal in Beijing.

I told them, “In bringing my lawsuit against Jiang Zemin, I’m merely fulfilling my personal obligation and exercising the basic rights guaranteed by our nation’s Constitution. When I use my real name, when I use a copy of my authentic identity card, when I use my thumbprint, all are done under my own will. My actions are absolutely my own doing. They do not involve anyone else.”

While I was talking, the instructor was experiencing the onslaught of a terrible headache and had to excuse himself. I realized the rotten life in another dimension couldn’t withstand what I was saying. Before he left the room, the instructor told me, “Let’s talk after the police officer is done writing down what you have to say.”

When the police officer finally asked me to look over the material he had written down, I found that, on the whole, everything he wrote down was in line with my original meaning, but some very important points had been evaded.

He had sidestepped the issues on the justification and legitimacy of suing Jiang to the limit of the law.

From the highest authority has come the proposals of “govern the country by the rule of law and according to the Constitution” and “every case will be registered, every suit will be handled.” Such new concepts and new policy clearly shows that the “counter current of interfering with suing Jiang” is but the death throes of Jiang's residual evil forces, the shadowy lingering of the like of Zhou Yongkang, Bo Xilai, and others. The counter current is a criminal act contradictory to our current law and Constitution. In the future, people engaging in the counter current will become designated scapegoats to await inevitable punishment.

Those were the points he did not include. So, when he asked me to sign my name to confirm the accuracy of the material, I refused until he would include every single word I said.

He begged with me to understand that he was too busy and too tired, and it was already so late.

I reminded him, “You write all I said and I will acknowledge with my signature. That is our prior agreement.”

We were at a standstill. Seeing I would not back down, he called the instructor. The instructor told him to do as I wished.

After I finished writing everything I wanted to say, I signed with my real name, and pressed my thumbprint on the document.

On the surface, providing a signature and a thumbprint have the appearance of complying with the rules set up by the evil Party. However, looking at it from another perspective, what I did was for reasons of truth clarification, which is as honorable and upright as signing our names to our suing Jiang letters.

It was close to 10:00 p.m. The police instructor said, “It's rather late and I have a splitting headache. Why don’t you come back tomorrow?”

The next day, the instructor said, “We don’t need to go to the interrogation room today. Let’s just have our little chat here, in my office.”

I felt a new environment to clarifying the truth was opened up.

The instructor and I talked for the entire afternoon. I answered all his questions.

He wanted to know: “What is the motivation behind Falun Gong’s relentless efforts to expose the evil of the Communist Party? Is it for political reasons, to seize power and take over the governance of the country? Why are Dafa practitioners trying so hard to persuade people to save themselves by renouncing the Communist Party and withdraw from its affiliated organizations? What are the inevitable reasons that support Falun Gong’s claim that the heavens will destroy the CCP?”

In the end I made up a pseudonym for him to use to renounce the CCP and withdraw from its affiliates. He nodded his head in agreement.

Clarifying the Truth to the Chief of the 610 Office

After I had used my real name to sue Jiang, and had gone alone to the police department and the police station to clarify the truth, I began to feel quite pleased with myself. My attachment to fame and pride rose to the surface without my being fully aware of it.

I decided to seek out the director of the city’s 610 Office. On the way, I continued to send strong righteous thoughts, but my heart was also barraged with a sense of self-confidence and heroism.

It took me some twists and turns before I could locate the city director of the 610 Office. As soon as I introduced myself to him with my real name, the director put on his bureaucratic face and addressed me in his bureaucratic tone of voice.

He repeated the endless rumors and slanders broadcast through the media. I had no choice but to compete with him for the right to speak, in an attempt to disrupt his thinking logic and mechanical topics, while clarifying the truth to expose the lies.

Although I had no fear in my heart, yet I was truly quite anxious. It all ended up in a fiasco of he saying his say and I saying mine.

When I realized I couldn’t speak to his conscience about good and bad restitution, I said to him, “Today the 'tigers' that have been crushed are the main accomplices in the persecution of Falun Gong. Li Dongsheng, in particular, was the director of the Central 610 Office. Now, when you illegally obstruct our bringing lawsuits against Jiang Zemin, you are executing Zhou Yongkang’s command, you are singing a different tune, and not abiding by the current policy of the Rule of Law.”

He countered, “Don’t get yourselves involved in politics. You’ve fallen victim to the foreign anti-China forces. You’re already in too deep. I plan to invite some experts to talk to you so you can adjust your warped thinking.”

His last words inadvertently exposed the brainwashing conspiracy he had in his mind.

And so, we parted company in discord. I was feeling quite downcast and very frustrated. On the way home, I kept looking inward. I discovered my attachments to zealotry, to showing off, to self-contentment, to being competitive, and to personal glory.

Filled with so many human notions, how could my heart have room for compassion?

I was full of self-blame and extremely remorseful when I shared my experience with fellow practitioners who encouraged me, saying, “Don’t be so pessimistic. You have taken a big step and that was very good. In retrospect, your words as a Dafa disciple has immerse weight. Your righteous energy will get into his brain. The bad things in him will be disintegrated and deterred. However, in the future, don’t go at it alone. Let us know ahead of time your intent, and we will support you with our righteous thoughts.”

I knew fellow practitioners were offering me encouragement and spurring me on to be more diligent. From that experience, I learned to understand, pay attention to, and rely on the immense strength when Dafa disciples come together as one body.

Clarifying the Truth After being Arrested

One morning in late August, two fellow practitioners and I were tricked into the police van by the captain of the City National Security Division who told us his chief wanted to have a talk with us.

I thought to myself, “We have the courage to sue Jiang Zemin, whom else would we be afraid to talk to? Wherever we might go, whomever we might see, we would continue to rely on our righteous thoughts to clarify the truth.”

On the way, I kept clarifying the truth to the captain, who said he understood all that in his heart, but being in his position and situation, he had no choice but to say and act involuntarily.

I told him the story about how an East German guard who shot and killed a youth who tried to climb to freedom before the fall of the Berlin Wall. At his trial, he pleaded not guilty, claiming he was merely following orders. The judge nevertheless found him responsible for this war crime, saying indeed he had to obey orders but he could have followed his conscience and aimed his rifle a slight millimeter off target.

I advised the captain to likewise follow his conscience. He silently acquiesced.

At one point, the captain commented, “I really should take a good look at Zhuan Falun.”

I advised him to read the book through from beginning to end with an open mind but also seriously and respectfully.

When we were taken in front of the chief, the first words that came out of his mouth was: “Falun Gong, aren’t you quite stupid?”

I answered, “You can judge for yourself after we have a good conversation.”

He said, “Ten days will be plenty of time.”

That’s when I knew we would be detained for 10 days.

At the detention center, the police on duty wanted us to change into prison garb. We told him, “We are not criminals. We have not committed any crime. We will absolutely not change into anything.”

The police didn’t know what to do. I recommended that he consult with the chief.

The chief approved of our not changing into prison clothing. He also agreed to put the three of us in a separate room with no television and away from other inmates.

We were provided with an unaffected environment where we could freely study the Fa, do the exercises, and send righteous thoughts.

The next afternoon, the chief called the three of us to join him for a chat. We clarified the truth to him from different angles. He did not show any reaction but we could tell his heart was in the right place.

We were separated from the other inmates by a five-meter-high steel fence. We stayed in our room to study the Fa, do our exercises, and send righteous thoughts. We also stayed in our room for eating and sleeping. The rest of the time, we would mingle with the inmates in the courtyard.

The inmates would come over and speak with us, so we would seize the opportunity to clarify the truth to them. Five of them promptly renounced the Communist Party and withdrew from all its affiliated organizations.

Rooting Out Deep-seated Attachments to Turn Bad Things Into Good

In the privacy of our room in the detention center, we began to seriously exchange views and learn from each other.

Practitioner Mr. Wang had suffered from neurosis and depression before practicing Falun Gong. Now, suddenly all those symptoms seemed to have resurfaced. He was feeling rather emotionally unstable.

I said to both fellow practitioners, “The fact that we are in here today has to mean that the evil forces have taken full advantage of our loopholes. We have to first deny their arrangements. I remember Master once said about turning the table on them. So, we are going to use what Master told us to turn the bad things into good things.

I continued with my plan, “First, we must seriously look inward to find out where we have deviated from the Fa. Second, we will share with each other whatever portions of the Fa that we know by heart, so that all of us will make good use of our time to memorize the Fa. Third, we will send strong righteous thoughts frequently to eliminate and completely negate all evil factors that are trying to persecute us and prevent us from our suing Jiang. Fourth, we will make sure we finish all five exercises every day.

Everyone agreed with all my suggestions.

When I carefully examined my past words and actions and thoughts, I came up with a shock.

I uncovered my big attachment to monetary gain that had been frequently reflected in my business dealings with competitors. That attachment had also given rise to the attachments to competitiveness and jealousy.

I uncovered my equally big attachment to showing off that was manifested by my willingness to share opinions with fellow practitioners and feeling pleased when I received their compliments or when they learned to lean on me. That was an ugly attempt to use Dafa to gain name and fame.

In my coordination work, I am often self-centered and subjective. I also engage in coercion and paternalism.

At home, I used the pretext of being in line with ordinary people and maintaining family harmony, and continued to indulge in lust.

At the beginning of the suing Jiang project, in order to help fellow practitioners let go of the attachment to fear, I had put too much emphasis on equating our bringing lawsuits against Jiang to ordinary people’s concept of “fighting tigers”, and so had inadvertently deviated from Dafa’s direction.

In the detention center, when we tried to persuade drug addicts to give up their dirty habit completely, and when they would promise that when they would be released, they would take drugs one more time, and then quit for good, I knew in my heart, I actually despised them.

I suddenly realized: “When I hang on to my attachments and won’t let go, in the eyes of high-level lives, don’t I look as despicable as those drug addicts who won’t come clean with their addiction?

Practitioner Mr. Wang [alias] uncovered his infatuation with the human notions of happiness, the pursuit of money, and putting too much weight on saving face. He also became aware that his real motive for entering into Falun Gong practice was for healing sickness and being physically fit, and that he hadn’t truly worked on given up all his attachments. He had always been very attached to sentimentality toward his parents, his wife, and his children. His motive of making friends hadn’t been out of compassion or a desire to save them.

In particular, he understood his great attachment to fear came from a selfish heart. He used to believe he was cultivating quite well. He now realized the tribulation of his arrest and detention was due to loopholes created because of his negligence in cultivation. He was feeling extremely remorseful.

Practitioner Mr. Tie [alias] also discovered he merely wanted to live a good life by making good money. That’s an attempt to benefit from Dafa, and not pay back. He had only been willing to listen to good words but not to criticisms. He had only worked on his hot temper half-heartedly. And, for a long time, he hadn’t been able to pay full attention when studying the Fa.

While looking inward and digging deep to extract every little attachment, we kept our words to memorize the Fa everyday, send strong righteous thoughts, do the five exercises, and seek out every chance to spread Dafa and clarify the facts about the persecution.

Our attachment to fear quickly dissipated. Our emotional stability gained strength. The former differences among us because of misunderstandings was replaced by mutual trust in and support for each other.

The three of us were able to form a united front in our efforts to fight evil and save people. We feel more equipped and clearheaded in our suing Jiang endeavor. We are determined from now on to do our best to study the Fa with due diligence, to leave behind every attachment big and small, to trust in Master and Dafa wholeheartedly, and to do well the three things to fulfill our prehistoric vows so we can return home with Master!

When I started to write this article to submit to the upcoming China Fahui, I was confronted with some intense interference from the old forces for a full ten days so that my writing was interrupted time and time again by anxiety.

I refused to let evil win. I ended up going 30 hours without sleep, determined to beat the evil at its game, and successfully finished this article right before the deadline.

This article is a report to Master, and also to share this article with fellow practitioners and invite you all to point out anything that is not in line with the Fa.