(Minghui.org) As I read an experience sharing article “We Must Be Clear on Our Mission” on the Minghui website, I shared similar feelings with the author. Other Falun Gong practitioners in my region of China also have the problem the author mentioned, so I would like to discuss it here.

I have been accessing overseas websites for more than 10 years using software developed by Dynamic Internet Technology (DIT). When I first started using the software I occasionally glanced at news about the changing situation in China on overseas websites. I later realized that reading this type of news was a distraction that interferes with things I need to do, so I stopped reading it and I only read Minghui.

Because of my pure state of mind, I could always access the Minghui website, even when the Internet censorship was at its worst.

But recently some political struggles in China caught my attention and I started reading news on overseas websites again. I felt happy reading news about the gradual demise of members of former Chinese dictator Jiang Zemin's faction. Practitioners have been filing criminal complaints against Jiang for several months for his key role in launching the persecution of Falun Gong in 1999. I wondered why more practitioners hadn't stepped forward to file criminal complaints at this special moment in history.

Reading the news on these websites not only wasted my time, but I also became attached to the news. I did not realize my problem for several days.

A practitioner gave me some articles to submit to Minghui on August 19. I tried to submit the articles several times but the software tool I have always used would not connect to the DIT server. Even if the software connected briefly, the connection was quickly interrupted. I knew that my state of mind was not clear enough, so I turned my computer off and studied the Fa.

I tried to submit the articles again in the afternoon for half an hour but still could not get the software to work. I looked within and apologized to Master in my mind for reading news about everyday people's issues. I have not visited any news websites since. I tried to submit the articles once more, and the Internet connection worked.

After opening the Minghui website, my eyes were drawn to the article “We Must Be Clear on Our Mission.” I was very grateful, because through this process Teacher helped me find my attachments.

From Teacher's lectures, we know that cultivation practice is very serious. We really have to do well and eliminate human notions.