(Minghui.org) “This contains information about Falun Gong. Please read it first. If you like it, then you are welcome to take one. Please cherish it,” A Falun Gong practitioner offered a 2015 calendar to a passerby in Flushing.

“Falun Gong? I know. I will take one.”

Within a week prior to New Year's Eve, over 3,000 Minghui “Fortune Babies” themed calendars reached Chinese in the New York area. Happy, chubby babies are a symbol of good fortune for the Chinese. The item was popular at different New York truth-clarification sites including Brooklyn and Flushing.

The Minghui calendar was originally designed for distribution in China to clarify the truth about the persecution of Falun Gong. The outside-of-China version is still in the test phase.

According to Mrs. Hong, the volunteer coordinator at the Manhattan Chinatown, two cases of calendars were taken by Chinese in less than 10 minutes. She shared a story of different opinions among volunteers, “It is a nice dilemma to have, as the calendars are so popular.”

One volunteer thinks that the calendar should given after the recipient understands the facts. Another thinks that as long as people like calendars with Falun Gong information, it doesn't matter. The recipients may read a different Falun Gong related story each month if they use the calendar.

Mrs. Hong said, “The calendars are so good that our volunteers don't want to give them out so fast. We can bring more copies next time. I know the calendar is in demand at other truth-clarification sites, too.”

Volunteers who help Chinese quit the Party organizations in Flushing also cited that the calendar was a nice tool to engage passersby and offered effective assistance for informing people about the persecution.

“Fortune Babies” themed wall calendar from Minghui.org