(Minghui.org) A judge at the Holingole City Court adjourned a trial three times within two hours during an illegal trial of Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Jia Haiying on January 7, 2015. During the trial, Ms. Jia’s lawyers raised objections when the judge and the prosecutor did not follow legal procedures. The judge had no choice but to adjourn the trial.

Ms. Jia’s lawyers pointed out at the beginning the lack of evidence presented by the prosecutor. The judge then adjourned the trial briefly so the prosecutor could prepare a last minute argument.

The judge and the prosecutor then returned to the courtroom together from the same entryway. When the trial resumed, Ms. Jia’s lawyers raised an objection and requested that the judge and the prosecutor withdraw because the judge and the prosecutor walked into the courtroom at the same time together, raising concerns of fairness and justice in the trial. The judge adjourned the trial for the second time.

The judge and prosecutor later indeed used separate entryways to enter the courtroom, and the trial resumed. However, when the defense lawyers asked about the withdrawal of the judge and the prosecutor, the prosecutor replied that his supervisor did not agree. Unable to continue the legal proceeding, the trial was adjourned for a third time.

Holingole City Court first tried Ms. Jia Haiying and two other practitioners on December 15, 2014. During the trial, Ms. Jia’s lawyers argued that the defense attorneys were not given any of the documents required in legal proceedings and thus questioned the court’s legitimacy. The presiding judge lost his temper and scolded the lawyer. That trial ended in less than 20 minutes, with the judge having adjourned and rescheduled the trial.