(Minghui.org) My mother had a recurrence of colon cancer in early 2007. The doctor said that immediate surgery was too risky, and sent her home for a month to recover her strength. I remembered at the time that one of my friends had told me in 2004 that Falun Gong could save your life, but I had not been able to contact her since early 2005.

My mother had the surgery a month later, but the doctor told us that she only had about six months to live. Everyone in our family was very upset, but we had to keep smiling and hide the news from Mother.

Several days later, I got a call from the friend that I had hoped to hear from. She rushed to the hospital to see my mother.

My friend told me that she had been incarcerated for her belief, and had been released on the day of my mother's surgery. She said she had been severely tortured in prison and could barely walk. After she got home, she did the Falun Gong exercises every day and rapidly recovered.

My mother was relieved to see my friend looking so well. She memorized and recited the words, “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good,” and fully recovered.

The doctor was so surprised to see my mother so healthy when she went back to visit him. He already knew about Falun Gong however, and knew that it had brought about miraculous results.

To be honest, I did not understand Falun Gong. I later realized why practitioners sacrificed their freedom to spread information about Falun Gong, and were not afraid of arrest and torture. I was so touched by their courage and spirit, and was ashamed of my previous thoughts.

Practitioners don't fight with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), because they have no enemies. The CCP is like a building about to fall, and practitioners are simply encouraging the occupants to escape before it collapses.

I also managed to visit the Falun Gong website even though I am in China, and was often moved to tears while reading the stories.

I discovered that practitioners are the real heros in this world--they are good and wise, and are saving people from flood and fire. Where are the floods, and where are the fires? They are the government propaganda that smears Falun Gong. The water and fire are invisible, but they are no less dangerous and destructive.

My uncle's elder brother died several years ago, and I asked my surviving uncle, “Did your brother oppose Falun Gong?” Uncle nodded firmly. Uncle learned Falun Gong, but his brother was a CCP secretary and feared implication. My uncle gave up the practice and passed away in early 2014.

One day I read a newspaper article about a firefighter in his twenties, who fell from the fifth floor of a building during a fire and died, because the rope around his waist somehow broke. His colleagues could not believe it happened.

Before I finished reading, I guessed he might be a CCP member. Sure enough, in the last sentence it said he was a preliminary member. Since then, whenever I read similar new articles, I quickly search to see if there is any information related to the CCP, and I have so far been 100% accurate.

Since I have discovered the secret of who has divine protection, I must race against time and save more people. I therefore advise my colleagues to withdraw from the CCP and its affiliated organizations. I am the best technical officer where I work, and am highly respected, so many people listen to my advice and have withdrawn from the CCP.

Wishing peace for good people.