(Minghui.org) The following two stories are taken from the ancient Chinese book Weizheng Shanbao Shilei, which can be translated as Rewarded for Good Deeds in Government Affairs (为政善报事类). The book is a collection of stories compiled under the editorship of Ye Liu. The book is divided into 10 volumes and is a collection of about 112 stories.

Upright Official Protected

Sun Qian was the governor of Lingling District during the Tianjian Era of the Southern Liang Dynasty (502-557 AD).

Sun was a man of great virtue. He was upright, honest, and incorruptible. The people knew that he would not take bribes or accept gifts. And, since he did not own a house, he moved out of the government housing and stayed in a shed in the government compound when his term came to an end.

The region was overrun with wild animals before he was appointed governor of Lingling. When he took office, not a single dangerous wild animal could be found in the region. However, the minute he vacated his post as governor, the beasts reappeared and attacked the residents.

Sun Qian was eventually promoted to the highly respected position of “Glorious Grand Master,” and lived to the age of 92.

This story shows that honest and upright officials are protected by Heaven, and even wild beasts will disappear from the regions under their influence.

Locust Dare Not Cause Harm

Lu Gong was the Magistrate of Zhongmu County during the Han Dynasty (202 BC – 220 AD). He was compassionate and ruled with benevolence. In turn, the people trusted him.

During the 7th year of the Jianchu Era, the country's crops suffered from a locust infestation, with the exception being Zhongmu County.

Yuan An, a senior official from Henan Province, doubted the stories he heard about Zhongmu County. So, he decided to send an investigator to the county.

On arrival, the investigator saw wild pheasants strolling around, with no fear of people, under the mulberry trees. The investigator asked a little boy standing next to the pheasants, “Why don't you catch a pheasant?” The boy replied, “Because these birds just had baby pheasants.”

The investigator was amazed and said, “It is a miracle that Zhongmu County does not suffer from a locust infestation. It is also amazing that the children from this county have so much compassion for living beings.”

Zhongmu County's farmers had a great harvest that year. Yuan reported Lu's good governance to the Emperor.

Showing that benevolence was important to the Han Dynasty, Lu Gong was promoted to “Minister Over the Masses” and lived to the age of 81.

Lessons from Ancient History

When the County Magistrate teaches people, including children, to be kind, won't the general moral standard rise? Won't it be followed by peace and prosperity?

Today, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is responsible for the decline of the Chinese people's moral values. When people are not kind, they will do anything to harm others and the environment without a second thought.