(Minghui.org) A local practitioner was reported to the authorities in 2012 when she was seen distributing informational materials about Falun Gong in a neighboring county. We spent one week trying to rescue her but were not successful.

We then hired a lawyer to defend her and were very surprised at how easily he was able to see her before the trial: the authorities never interfered.

Lawyer Can See His Practitioner Client

The practitioner was held in a distant detention center--it took three hours to get there by car. We used this precious travel time to send forth righteous thoughts and inform the lawyer of the facts about Falun Gong and the persecution. The lawyer was full of admiration for the practice and commented that the Teacher of the Falun Gong “has such good disciples.”

Once at the detention center, the lawyer said, “I think I have to ask your Teacher to strengthen me so that I can meet with my client without the guards causing a problem.”

The lawyer returned from the detention center 40 minutes later, very excited to tell us what had happened. He said, “The meeting was very successful. I told the guards who I was and why I was there. They were very polite and brought my client out immediately. They even showed me several vacant rooms where we could meet and asked me to choose one. Then they left.

"With only the two of us in the room, I could say everything I had to say and complete all the necessary documents. I also passed along your messages to her and encouraged her to be strong. It was amazing. I've never had a case go so smoothly before.”

On the way home, we all agreed that, as long as we have righteous thoughts, Teacher will help us.

The lawyer asked if we could read Zhuan Falun together in the car. When we finished, he said, “I really need to get a copy of this book. I would always carry it with me so that I could read it whenever I could.” He was very pleased when a practitioner said, “I'm sure you will look after it” and handed him the book.

Defending the Practitioner in Court

On the day of the trial two police riot vehicles parked outside the courthouse. Officers dressed in riot gear got out and positioned themselves around the building. Practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts, asking Teacher to strengthen the lawyer and the detained practitioner's righteous thoughts.

The lawyer stood in front of the judges and said, “My client did not commit any crime when she distributed materials about Falun Gong to the villagers. The law protects her right to practice her belief.”

One of the judges replied, “We did not say Falun Gong was not good. We don't have a choice. We will be sacked if we release her.” The judges then adjourned the proceedings.