(Minghui.org) Police in Houjiaying Town unlawfully arrested Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Hao Shuyan and sent her to the Ji County Detention Center. Ms. Hao's family hired a lawyer represent her. The Ji County Domestic Security Division didn't want a lawyer to be involved and repeatedly threatened the family, telling them to fire the lawyer or the police would arrest him.

Ms. Hao lives in Qiaotou Village, Houjiaying Town, Ji County, Tianjin. On July 22, 2014, local police broke into her house, ransacked the place, and confiscated her personal belongings. They took Ms. Hou to the Ji County Detention Center.

Officers from the Ji County Domestic Security department prepared false evidence and had the court approve the arrest. They planned to prosecute her with the fraudulent evidence.

Ms. Hao's family had no choice but to hire a lawyer from Beijing to protect her rights. The lawyer met with Ms. Hao on September 3 and went to the Ji County Domestic Security office on September 4. The officers refused him entry. An officer later phoned him to come the next day.

The next day, the lawyer was still prevented from entering Domestic Security Division offices. Officers called him later to inform him the case had been handed to the procuratorate. When the lawyer contacted the procuratorate, a staff member said they were busy and that he should come after September 8.

As the lawyer and the family were about to leave the procuratorate, an officer from the Domestic Security appeared and shouted at the family, “Fire the lawyer from Beijing. I will find you one free of cost.”

When the family arrived back at home, a relative called them. He said that an officer from Domestic Security called him and told him to relay this message: fire the lawyer. The officer said, “We can reduce her sentence, but we can't release her without charges.”

Later Domestic Security Division relayed orders to the Houjiaying Police Station. Houjiaying police contacted Qiaotou Village authorities to also threaten Ms. Hao's family. “If the lawyer comes again, we will arrest him.”

The people who ordered and executed the latest arrest of Ms. Hao:Wang Chaoping (王超平), current director of the Ji County 610 Office, +86-18902130777 (Cell)Li Guojun (李国军), captain of the Ji County Domestic Security DivisionCui Xianghui (崔向辉), deputy captain of the Ji County Domestic Security Division, + 86-22-82861638 ext 3010 (office)