(Minghui.org) People who don't know Ms. Ah Li's age (82) often think she's years younger. It's hard to believe that she was so troubled with caudal deformation 13 years ago.

“I am so grateful to Master [Master Li, founder of Falun Gong]! So many doctors tried for many years but could not cure me. I can now do so many things that used to be impossible for me! I can sit in double-lotus position for one hour, two hours, or even longer,” Ms. Ah Li shared.

Ms. Ah Li developed severe caudal deformation as a result of an injury. Both her son and son-in-law were doctors. They took her to some well-known orthopedists and neurologists. But none of the treatments worked. For many years, she was unable to sit because of the terrible pain. She had to carry a lifebuoy with her at all times so she could put it on the chair and sit on it for a short time.

She went to register for a Japanese class in Dongning Park in Tainan City in 2001. There she saw a banner with the words “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.”

She thought, “Forbearance is what I need.” She walked to the Falun Gong exercise site in the park. A site coordinator patiently taught her the first four standing exercises. She didn't learn the fifth meditation exercise because she could not sit. She felt very good already.

Ms. Ah Li went to the practice site every day. She did not tell anyone about her caudal problem. Since she could not sit, at the beginning she excused herself from the sitting meditation most of the time, and only joined for the last five minutes.

She gradually increased her sitting time from five minutes to ten, and then to twenty minutes. The pain in her spine subsided. She didn't hope for a complete recovery because the caudal problem had persisted for over ten years, and nothing had helped to alleviate the pain.

Her spine pain later returned, and she tried her best to endure it, but on the twentieth day she could no longer stand it. She showed up at the exercise site for only a few days during this time. The coordinator was concerned, and visited her at home.

Ms. Ah Li was lying in bed. Her body was rigid from her neck to her back. The pain was so bad that even speaking hurt. The coordinator shared her understanding of body purification and the possible symptoms, “You must have had injury in your spine. Master is purifying your body. You have already endured it for 20 days. It would be pity for you to give up now.”

Ah Li agreed, “I can endure it as long as this will get me better. I want to try more.”

She felt better the next day, and her condition improved day by day.

82 year-old Ah Li's caudal problem subsided after she began practicing Falun Gong.

Ah Li could not sit for more than five minutes due to her caudal injury. She can now do the sitting meditation for an hour or longer.

One day, Ah Li was riding her bicycle home after attending a group exercise session at Chenggong University. She was hit by a car driven by a drunk driver. She was knocked out and the back wheel of her bike was totally deformed by the impact.

She was surrounded by ambulance, police officers, and bystanders when she regained consciousness. Someone picked up and returned her dentures, which had flown out of her mouth during the accident.

She came to, and remembered that cultivators are protected by Master. She stood up slowly and said, “I'm okay.” She told the others that she practiced Falun Gong. The people around her relaxed, and someone said, “It's lucky that she practices Falun Gong. The bike is damaged but she and her dentures are both okay."

The police took her home. Ah Li checked her body carefully and found no injuries. She discovered that her reading glasses were missing when she was about to read a Falun Gong book, so her husband took her back to the accident location. They found her glasses nearby, undamaged. She knew that Master had saved her. The accident was meant to take her life away.

Ah Li often told her daughter and son in-law that Falun Gong is good and expressed hope that they would practice as well. Her son in-law is a doctor. He responded, “I will practice Falun Gong too if you don't need to see a doctor for three years.”

Three years later, after he witnessed Ah Li's changes and the wonder of Falun Gong, he eagerly asked for Falun Gong books. Now both Ah Li's daughter and son in-law practice Falun Gong.

Besides her caudal and spine injury, Ah Li also had a severe eye-floaters problem. She often felt mosquitoes flying in front of eyes in the daylight. She checked with eye doctors but it did not help.

Tears were streaming down from her eyes one day, and she found her vision clear and her eye floater symptom gone the following day. Even her presbyopia improved significantly. She no longer needed reading glasses. Her husband and children all witnessed these miracles.

Ah Li received her education in Japanese and did not know many Chinese characters. When she encountered unfamiliar characters in Falun Gong books, she wrote them down and asked her children what they meant. She can now read all Chinese-language Falun Gong books fluently.

“Whenever I have time, I study the Fa,” said Ah Li. “The Fa tells me how to be a good person and how to cultivate. When I am happy, I study the Fa. When I am unhappy, I study the Fa, too. My body feels good when I study the Fa. I love to study Fa. It is so important in my life. I cannot live without it."

Ah Li knows that in China many people don't know how good Falun Gong is due to the communist regime's persecution. She would like to share the wonders of Falun Gong with more people.

She therefore goes often to Alishan Mountain, a major tourist spot in Taiwan, and sometimes stays a week there, informing Chinese tourists about the facts of the persecution. She shares her personal experiences with them.