(Minghui.org) Not long after its illegal trial of Mr. Xu Gongrui on April 11, 2014, the Dong'e County Court sentenced him to a four-year prison term, for making materials to expose the persecution of Falun Gong.

In reaching this verdict, the court considered police-fabricated evidence, including an all-in-one printer and two boxes of spray paint, allegedly used to make forty types of Falun Gong flyers.

Mr. Xu appealed to Liaocheng Intermediate People's Court, but the higher court ignored his lawyer's request to hold a hearing to reconsider his case. It simply upheld the original verdict based on the fabricated evidence submitted by the lower court.

Mr. Xu's family was not allowed to see him while he was being held in Dong'e County Detention Center. All communications were passed on through his lawyer. When his loved ones went to the detention center again on July 18, they were shocked to learn that he had been transferred to Shandong Province Prison two days prior.

Between the time of his trial and his transfer to prison, Mr. Xu's family made multiple requests to Dong'e County Domestic Security Office for his release. Zhao Yong, the security office head, not only refused to meet with them, but also hurled insults at them during a phone call.

For details of Mr. Xu's arrest on November 25, 2013, and his trial in April 2014, see Xu Gongrui from Chiping County Illegally Tried

Parties involved in the persecution:Wu Donghui (乌东辉), head of the Dong'e County Police Department: +86-13906354389 (Cell)Zhao Yong (赵勇), section lead of the Dong'e County Domestic Security Division: +86-13963012117 (Cell), +86-635-3285179 (Home)Zhang Xuyu (张学禹), presiding judge of the Dong'e County Court: +86-13969509918 (Cell)