(Minghui.org) Laishui County Court authorities tried Ms. Lu Guifen, who is in her 60s, on July 4, 2014, because she practices Falun Gong. Ms. Lu defended herself for taking up the peaceful practice: “My mind and my body benefit from it. I only want to share the beauty of Falun Gong with others, and I have not committed any crime!”

The trial lasted about three hours, and the court reached no verdict.

Courthouse Details

Ms. Lu was escorted into the courthouse at around 9 a.m. Outside, over 20 officers lined up on both sides of the building. Only three family members and two lawyers were allowed to enter the courthouse despite the fact that the trial was declared to be public.

Police and plainclothes officers walked around the perimeter of the courthouse and drove people away. One officer issued threats: “If you all continue to stay here, I'm going to treat you as if you were Falun Gong people!” Agents from the local 610 Office, the Political and Legal Affairs Committee, and various community and village committees also tried their best to stop people from going into the courthouse to witness the trial.

Ms. Lu's lawyer offered a strong defense. He noted that the constitution guarantees freedom of religion and that that should be the basis for any legal arbitration.

Previous Arrests

Ms. Lu was arrested most recently at her home on February 25, 2014. Over the past 15 years, she has been arrested, detained, and had her personal belongings confiscated many times as a result of refusing to give up her faith in Falun Gong.

Parties Involved in Persecuting Ms. Lu:

Zhang Jianhua (张建华), presiding judge: +86-13832272076, +86-312-4525564, +86-312-4524633Yang Junfeng (杨俊峰), public prosecutor: +86-312-15176250591Li Hongyu (李宏宇), director of the Laishui 610 Office: +86-13932235872, +86-312-4532190Dai Chunjie (戴春杰), chief of the Laishui Police Department and Domestic Security Division: +86-13930218895Liao Ke (廖科), Party secretary of Wangcun Township, Laishui CountyLiu Xiang (刘翔), director of the Baoding Detention Center: +86-18633623999Please refer to Chinese version for a complete list.