1. The Yang Sisters

Yang Qingping (female) and Yang Cuiping (female) in Macao are followers of Peng, who has undermined Falun Dafa in Hong Kong. They are not Dafa disciples and are arranged by the old forces to interfere with Dafa.

To avoid further tribulations or more losses, Dafa disciples in all locales, especially Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Mainland China should not view them with human attachments or cooperate with them.

The Yang sisters started the sabotage by asking practitioners to follow Peng, who sought to undermine Falun Dafa in Hong Kong. As a result of doing so, practitioners in multiple countries have gone astray.

Master Li Hongzhi published “Drive Out Interference” on July 5, 2000. Practitioners who had been impacted by the situation in Hong Kong issued solemn declarations, apologized for their acts against Master and the Fa, and vowed to resume their cultivation. However, the Yang sisters in Macao claimed that they never regretted it.

Yang Cuiping has mental issues. Her situation is on and off, she is without a clear consciousness, and her actions tend to be extreme. During the time she followed Peng in Hong Kong, she urinated on the street, and no one could stop her. This caused a very bad impact.

Yang Cuiping stayed in Hong Kong past the duration of her travel permit, which was canceled many years ago. After she returned to Macao, she had a relapse and tried to commit suicide by jumping into the sea. She was rescued by police. The front page of the Macao Daily on November 9, 2001 reported it (see enclosed file). She was later sent to a mental hospital and received an allowance for psychosis for a relatively long period of time.

In the past six months, Yang Qingping and Yang Cuiping have placed Dafa pictures in front of A-Ma Temple, a famous tourist site in Macao, and interfered with Dafa disciples' truth-clarification efforts. Falun Gong practitioners in Macao have reasoned with them many times, but they insist on sabotaging the practitioners' activities.

Many tourists, especially those from Mainland China, visit Macao. Some Mainland practitioners are among them. The Macao police are monitoring the Yang sisters' activities.

Following instructions from the Falun Dafa Association, practitioners in Macao have submitted statements to the Police Bureau and the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau, declaring that all activities that Yang Qingping et al. conduct in the name of Falun Gong have nothing to do with Falun Gong. These people are not Falun Gong practitioners, and Falun Gong will not take responsibility for their actions. These statements are enclosed at the end of this notice.

2. Zeng Dongjin

Zeng Dongjin (male) in Macao was also arranged by the old forces to sabotage Dafa. Since leaving Mainland China in 2008, he has been severely interfering with practitioners' cultivation, and doing things as if he is a demon.

Zeng engaged in multi-level marketing in 2011, and caused severe financial losses for some practitioners who followed his lead. During the November 2013 Taiwan Falun Dafa Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference, Zeng took Yang Qingping, Yang Cuiping, et al. with him, and tried to participate in the conference, character formation, and other activities. They have refused to change their ways despite attempts to dissuade them.

Upon investigation, the Taiwan Falun Dafa Association learned that Zhou Jinhui (male) in Taoyuan, Taiwan received Zeng and the Yang sisters. The Taiwan Falun Dafa Association prohibited Zeng et al. from attending the conference, and other Falun Dafa activities, but Zeng lied to practitioners in Macao and stated that Taiwanese practitioners welcomed them, and that they would attend the Taiwan conference again the next year.

In 2014, Zeng Dongjin supported Yang Qingping and Yang Cuiping in disturbing the truth-clarification environment, and has had sexual affairs with two local women at the same time. These behaviors are things that Dafa disciples absolutely should not do.

This announcement is also made to notify all practitioners in Taiwan and Hong Kong to stop supporting the aforementioned people. Those who have chosen to be eliminated in the sifting process don't deserve to do anything associated with Dafa.

May 30, 2014


1. Statement to the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau of Macao (PDF) 2. Statement to the Macao Police (PDF) 3. Report of Macao Daily on November 9, 2001, about Yang Cuiping's suicide (PDF)