(Minghui.org) “ I wish we had this talk 20 years ago,” my old general manager said to me during a recent reunion, after learning that I had been practicing Falun Gong for almost 20 years.

When I got the phone call from a former colleague in mid-March telling me that we were having a gathering for this former general manager who was returning from Shanghai, I took some Shen Yun DVDs with me and went. I knew that this would be a good opportunity for him to learn the truth about Falun Gong.

The manager was 26 years old the last time I saw him, and he is now 47. He still looked sharp, but slouched a little bit, and his face showed signs of stress. He was surprised that my appearance had barely changed after 20 years, and joked that I must know some magic.

Our conversation touched upon Zhou Yongkang, the former security chief of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). He commented, “Zhou's problem is not the corruption issue cited by authorities.” I replied, “Zhou committed crimes against humanity!”

He looked at me with surprise and told the others, “Wang (me) has made some deep comments.” He then said loudly, “What was done to Falun Gong will be redressed. It is inevitable!” Everyone stared at him. He smiled, “This is how China affairs go. I'm not against the CCP."

I realized that he sympathized with Falun Gong and did not approve of what the CCP had done, but he hadn't fully realized the CCP's evil nature. He said he personally knew a Falun Gong practitioner and truly admired the practitioner's courage for holding hunger strikes in prison.

He said he often circumvented the Internet firewall and read overseas news. “There is a performance made by Falun Gong, which is quite big overseas," he added, “I think it's called 'Shen Qu' (Chinese translation for the Divine Comedy).” I corrected him, “It's called Shen Yun, isn't it?” A colleague laughed and said, “Shen Qu is by Dante.” I took out a Shen Yun DVD. He held it high, “Yes! This is it! This is food for the spirit!”

Our group went to a karaoke bar after dining. He came over and sat next to me, “Wang, you have changed. Your thoughts are deep.” I said, “Don't you know why? Hasn't anyone told you?” He shook his head. I told him that I practiced Falun Gong, and everyone knew it.

His eyes widened and he said in surprise, “Really? No wonder you look so young. I just said you must know some magic!” After he sang on his turn, he came back to me and continued our conversation, “I'm so shocked. I didn't say anything bad about Falun Gong, did I?”

I assured him that everything he said was positive. He nodded and said, “Falun Gong will win! I'm sure of it. In the future, a group people will be punished by law because of this. The group won't be a small one. It may be millions of people who have been involved in this crime. Zhou Yongkang, even Zeng Qinghong, Jiang Zemin, and Li Changchun will be among them.”

He said, “To tell you the truth, I'm not interested in earning money. I have formed some organizations to give suggestions to the CCP and send them complaints about injustice. We have complained about the injustice suffered by Falun Gong.”

I asked, “Did the Falun Gong practitioner you knew ask you to renounce the CCP?” “No, he didn't,” he said. “Maybe he thought I wouldn't understand.”

I explained to him, “The CCP is not an ordinary organization. There is no other organization which requires you to swear to give your life for it.” He thought about it and said, “That's true, only the CCP does that. And one can only join the Party, but cannot get out.”

“You should renounce your membership to the Party,” I suggested. “This is part of the cosmic climate change. It is heaven's mandate. The CCP will meet with retribution for all the crimes it has committed.” He asked me how to go about it. I told him that he could think of an alias, and I would help him submit his withdrawal to the website using that name. He said, “I will quit with my real name.”

We rode in the same car on the way back. He gave me his phone number and said we should get together again soon.

We met in a coffee shop a few days later. He told me that he worked with a group of successful businessmen. They had been doing charity work by going to poor regions and helping sick children in poverty. During the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, they took several truckloads of goods to the victims.

A 16-year-old girl who suffered from kidney disease was among the people they helped. During her dialysis, she had a near-death experience due to a nurse's mistake. She saw herself floating on clouds and going into a cave. It got darker the further she went inside. No one was there, and she saw only darkness. She asked if it was hell, but no one answered her. She was really terrified. Her father, who was sitting next to her in the hospital, grabbed her hand and called her name, and she woke up.

She told the people in my old manager's group who helped her, “Aunts and uncles, you helped me so much so I'll tell you... We really do have souls, and we can lose them. My only wish now is to continue to live. I want to redeem my sins. I want to look for a spiritual practice.” The people who heard her were shocked. They said, if souls exist, then our lives do not end when we die. They became worried and started to look everywhere for a spiritual practice.

He told me that he had met Falun Gong practitioners many times and listened to them carefully. When he traveled overseas, he stayed behind his tour group several times, lingering at practitioners' display booths to talk to them. He lost his travel group a few times this happened.

At every booth he visited, the main point practitioners emphasized was quitting the CCP, and the facts of the persecution of Falun Gong. When they talked about the self-immolation on Tiananmen Square, he knew that the CCP had fabricated it. “Tiananmen Square is so heavily guarded that no group of ordinary citizens could have managed to pull off such a big event there.” He said he really wanted someone to explain in depth what Falun Gong was, but didn't find the answers at tourist sites outside China.

Seeing the yearning in his heart, I understood more clearly that Master had arranged for me to introduce him to the Fa. I took out Zhuan Falun and handed the book to him, “Read it. Everything is in it.”

“Is it qigong?” he asked.

I answered, “It takes the form of a qigong practice, but actually, it is the Fa, the Great Law of the universe!” He nodded seriously. I also gave him a USB flash drive which contained Master's lecture videos.

He spent the next two days reading Zhuan Falun . After he finished reading, he sent me a text message, “Falun Dafa has entered my heart. Master knows. I am changing.”

In another message he said, “I walked home yesterday. I was not tired at all after walking for two hours. It was a miracle! I used to be tired as soon as I walked two steps.”

The next day he messaged, “Are the lecture video and book same?” I said yes, the book was organized based on the lecture contents. He answered, “This is incredible!” It was difficult to discuss more details with messaging, so I did not ask him why he felt that way.

I met him again at another gathering of our mutual friends. He asked who else in my family practiced Falun Gong. I told him that 10 out of 14 of my immediate family members practiced, including my 80-year-old mother and 11-year-old son.

He said, “I deeply admire Falun Dafa. This is a book that has been acknowledged by so many people from different ages, classes, and professions. Different people like different things. Often things liked by well-educated people may not be liked by people with less education. But this book attracts all people. This itself is a wonder. This must be the Fa. Only the Fa can have such power.” I was touched.

He continued, “I watched the video of Master's lecture in Guangzhou. The lecture is almost the exactly same as the book. This is another miracle! Master gave the lecture without a written script. After so many years, what Master said then still applies today and can be understood. I believe that gods exist. The CCP talks about new worlds, struggles, and one class eliminating another. But there's no such contents in Zhuan Falun . The CCP is evil!”

My old general manager is a person with rich life experience. I was stunned by his rational comments.

His comments reminded me of a very special dream I had shortly before our reunion in March. In the dream, I was at a grand Falun Dafa conference. The two-story hall was filled with practitioners, listening to Master's speech. Near the end of the conference, Master walked down from the stage and led the practitioners to thank all of the gods who played positive roles during the Fa-rectification.

I woke up and thought that perhaps another door had been opened. Anyone who treated Falun Gong fairly would get chance to learn the Fa first, and it is the greatest repayment for their kindness.

On the occasion of celebrating the 15th World Falun Dafa Day, I would like to take this opportunity to tell all who have sympathized, supported, spoken out, or fought for Falun Gong, “None of your efforts will be in vain. Master knows you! Practitioners know you! All gods know you! Heaven is watching. I wish splendid next chapters in life for all!”