(Minghui.org) Mr. Yue Naiming, a 51-year-old resident of Jilin City, Jilin Province, has been missing since he left home on April 26, 2014. His bicycle was found in a neighboring district. On April 29, police collected DNA from personal items in his home. They refused to inform his family of his whereabouts.

His family is very concerned that those who took him might have already killed him. They do not understand why the police needed his DNA.

Mr. Yue started to practice Falun Dafa in 2000. Before he took up the practice, he was an alcoholic. When he got drunk, he would sometimes sleep by the road. Practicing Falun Gong helped him to quit drinking. After that, everyone he knew said he had become very kind and considerate.

For a period of time, Mr. Yue ran a convenience store in the Haidian District of Beijing. On April 7, 2008, he was illegally arrested. He was placed in a detention center and labor camps for two years.

Please refer to the following article for information on his prior arrest and persecution:

Mr. Yue Naiming Tortured in Custody, Harassed After Release