(Minghui.org) In an attempt to get Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Liu Yukun sentenced, the police fabricated evidence and submitted her case to the local Procuratorate again, after the case was returned due to lack of evidence.

Officers involved refused to give their names or use other officers' last names. Ms. Liu has now been held in the Shenyang City No. 1 Detention Center for over three months

Ms. Liu, 63, was arrested by officers from the Shenhe District Domestic Security Division and Huigong Police Station on November 19, 2013, for distributing calendars that promoted Falun Gong. The police ransacked her home without showing a search warrant. Officer Zhang Qibo claimed, “There is no need to show any document when the police handles Falun Gong cases.”

The Shenyang City No. 1 Detention Center did not want to admit Ms. Liu after an exam revealed heart disease and high blood pressure. But officer Fu Shijiang stood his ground and demanded that the detention center accept her. In the end, Ms. Liu was admitted.

Officers Give False Names

Officers involved in the persecution of Ms. Liu did not want their crimes reported on the Minghui website, so they either refused to give their names or gave false names to Ms. Liu's husband.

Officer Li Weiguang from Shenhe District Domestic Security Division told Ms. Liu's husband that his surname was Zhang in an effort to put blame on his colleague, Zhang Tingyan.

Ms. Liu's Husband Illegally Detained, Harassed, and Deceived

Ms. Liu's husband was detained for two days for no reason. Officers Li Weiguang, Zhang Qibo and Fu Shijiang went to his home to harass him many times. Ms. Liu's husband couldn't endure it and wanted to file a complaint with the local provincial government, but Li Weiguang threatened to arrest him if he appealed.

Officers Zhang Tingyan and Li Weiguang claimed that Ms. Liu would be released on bail due to her health problems, but they told the officers at Ms. Liu's local police station not to hand over Ms. Liu's hospital records to her husband. After they submitted Ms. Liu's file to the procuratorate for the second time, they ordered the security guard at the gate not to allow Ms. Liu's husband to enter their office.

Despite Ms. Liu's husband suffering from many illnesses, he continues to go to the Huigong Police Station, the local domestic security division, and the procuratorate to request her release.

Parties Responsible for Persecuting Ms. Liu:

Zhang Tingyan (张廷彦), director of Shenhe District Domestic Security Division: +86-13840229338 (Cell), +86-24-24842260 Li Weiguang (李伟光), deputy director of Shenhe District Domestic Security Division: +86-24- 24850789 Wang Wensheng (王文胜), officer from Shenhe District Domestic Security Division: +86-13998131321 (Cell) Zhang Qibo (张启博), police officer: +86-24-88522779