(Minghui.org) I teach college in China. In the afternoons I often help people quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). From experience I can say that I'm able to help more than 20 people quit the CCP in half a day, which adds up to roughly 300 per month.

I used to be very passive when I explained the facts about the persecution of Falun Dafa and encouraged people to quit the CCP. I would like to share what made me change from being passive to active. I'll also share how I've been able to make tremendous improvements in convincing others to quit the CCP.

I started to practice Falun Dafa in 1996. I have been studying the Fa and sending forth righteous thoughts diligently ever since, but for a long time I didn’t actively clarify the truth to people face-to-face.

Other practitioners had encouraged me many times: “You study the Fa well and often have new understandings; you send forth righteous thoughts diligently and have cleansed your own environment well, so the evil has no excuses to persecute you. But why don’t you help more people quit the CCP and save them?”

I had no answer, because I was quite puzzled about my situation, too. For years I had been passively participating in truth-clarification activities. I sometimes handed out flyers. When people approached me, I would help them quit the CCP. So I only helped about 10-20 people quit every month. Although I understood the importance of saving sentient beings, I always felt there was an invisible wall that prevented me from taking that step forward.

Dissolving the Root of the Interference

After studying Master's lecture “2011 Washington DC Metro Area Fa Conference” titled “Dafa Disciples Must Study the Fa” in July 2011, I found the root of my problem. On the surface, I was passively clarifying the truth. But if looked at the issue from a higher level, it was a serious problem of not following Master’s requirements. It was a question of whether I truly believed in Master and the Fa. Before, if a practitioner criticized me for not following Master’s words, I would immediately defend myself. After having found my fundamental attachment, I felt the whole of Master's lecture was referring to my own attachments. I was ashamed and was determined to catch up with the tide of Fa-rectification.

I understand that Master has arranged a cultivation path for every practitioner. Each person's path of cultivation is different, but everything that we require has been perfectly arranged by Master. All we have to do is to overcome interference and human notions with our righteous mindset and openly clarify the truth to help people quit the CCP.

Breaking Away from the Old Forces

After I made up my mind, Master arranged for a practitioner to help me. A practitioner who had been clarifying the truth very well and who had helped a lot of people quit the CCP contacted me about working together to help people quit the CCP. I wanted to learn from him by observing how he clarified the truth to strangers.

The first time we went together to clarify the truth was on September 17, 2011. He did most of the talking and I sent forth righteous thoughts next to him. We helped 35 people quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations (Youth League and the Young Pioneers) in one afternoon. Three days later we went out again and he helped 35 people quit the CCP, and I helped 15.

The first time I went out to clarify truth alone was on September 22, 2011. We had an appointment to go together that day, but I arrived late and he had started without me. “Shall I go clarify the truth on my own or go home and study the Fa?” The righteous thought and human notions began to battle in my mind. In the end, the righteous thought won, and I went out on my own. In half a day, I helped 25 people quit the CCP.

I had broken away from the interference set up by the old forces and my human notions. Ever since then I schedule 3 to 5 afternoons every week to clarify the truth, sometimes with a practitioner, sometimes alone. Whenever I go on business trips, I clarify the truth to whoever crosses my path.

From mid-September to mid-December 2011, I helped over 1000 people quit the CCP. I've been to department stores, supermarkets, premium fashion stores, schools, morning street markets, bus stations, parks, construction sites, fast food restaurants, a school party, and various institutions and public bath houses. The people I clarify the truth to include government officials, taxi drivers, students from elementary schools to graduate schools, laborers, self-employed business owners, rich entrepreneurs, scholars, and professors.

Clarifying the Truth in Society

We should clarify the truth in a way that others can accept. My understanding is that we should dress appropriately for the occasion and talk decently. For example, I put on old clothes to go to a construction site to fit in with the workers. They treated me like one of them, and that made for smoother interaction. Other than that, I would always dress nicely and interact with others with openness and dignity.

Dafa gives me wisdom. When I am talking with a stranger, I can be humorous or debate seriously with logic and evidence based on how much the listener comprehends. After quitting the CCP, many people said that they could tell I was not an ordinary person because my appearance, choice of words, and behavior were different from other people, and they were happy to talk with me. I understood it was because of the righteous energy field carried by every Falun Dafa practitioner.

I rarely met anyone who was hostile toward Dafa and refused to quit the CCP. I only met a handful of people who thought favorably about Dafa, but still refused to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. I guess they might have already quit, but didn’t want to tell a stranger like me, as in China things are quite complex, and people report on each other. There were a few people who were hostile toward Dafa at the beginning, but became supportive after I clarified the truth.

It appeared that people were waiting for me to help them quit the CCP. Many of them thanked me repeatedly afterward. Some wanted to invite me to go eat with them; some gave me their phone number and wanted to be friends. I often hear people say “Falun Dafa is good!” loudly after they quit. I believe it is the manifestation of the gratitude of the numerous lives in the person’s world.

I have met many people who had quit the CCP already. If time allowed, I would talk with them a little longer to clarify the truth more deeply. Of course, I run into practitioners, too. In that case, we share experiences and encourage each other to save more lives.

Interesting Stories of Helping People Quit the CCP

Based on my experiences, the majority of people only have a few minutes to listen to me while walking or standing (like at a bus stop). I tend to focus on the main points initially so as to get the person to quit in a limited amount of time. On some occasions, people agree to quit the CCP in less than a minute. Some who are deeply poisoned by the CCP propaganda require more time.

Example 1

About seven or eight laborers were working at a construction site. One group was mixing the mortar and the others were laying the bricks. I talked to the men mixing the mortar first and they all agreed to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations.

Then I went to a man about 50 years old who was laying bricks and said, “I helped those guys quit the CCP for their safety. How about I help you quit, too?”

Laborer: “Don’t talk about Falun Gong to me…”

Me: “Look, we are both just poor citizens. You sound like a Party member. Are you?”

Laborer: “Yes, I am.”

Me: “My friend, it is so cold outside. You work very hard and make little money. Are you still paying dues to the evil Party?”

Laborer: “Yeah, I have to pay.”

Me: “You are a kind and honest man. You give them your hard-earned money. Those corrupt officials immediately divide it up and put it into their own pockets. They cheat you, but it sounds like you are still on their side. They also tell you to report me to the authorities!”

Then I turned to those who were mixing the mortar and said, “Hey, do you guys hear him? He said he is still paying Party dues. What a pity!”

Those guys said, “Don’t pay it. What can they do to you if you don’t?”

The man changed his tune and said, “My friend, I will not pay them anymore. It is my hard earned money. Why should I give it to them for no reason?”

“The Party not only embezzles your money, it also persecutes Falun Gong. The TV keeps telling you to love the Party and pay its dues. They also tell you all sorts of slanderous lies about Falun Gong, but that's all to deceive you.”

“What? Was it a lie?” He was surprised.

“Falun Gong actually is very good. Falun Gong practitioners are all honest and kind. Practicing it can improve your health and bring you peace and success. When you joined the Party you swore to give your life to it. So all the evil deeds the Party has done also implicates you. I can help you to quit the Party so you can be safe and successful. I guess you also joined the Youth League and the Young Pioneers.”

“Yes, I joined all of them. Please help me to quit them all.”

I created a pseudonym for him which he agreed to. Then I gave him two DVDs of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and Traveling Heaven and Earth through Wind and Rain .

I told him, “After you watch these DVDs, you will have a clearer and broader view of what has been happening in China since the CCP took power.”

“Sure, I will watch them tonight.”

He then repeated after me to say, “Falun Dafa is good!”

Example 2

I waited at a bus top one night. A young man and a young woman were laughing, joking, and pushing each other around. The girl almost bumped into me but I quickly got out of the way. After I saw the young man said goodbye and left, I knew it was time for me to clarify the truth to her.

I smiled and said, “Hi there. Had I not reacted quickly, you would have knocked me down.”

“Sorry!” she smiled back.

“No problem. Are you a college student?”

“Yes," she replied, "I'm in medical school in another city. I've come home to visit my older brother, who just left.”

I told her I was a university lecturer.

She looked at me up and down enviously and said she was about to take the graduate school entry exams and that she might return to her hometown to study for a Master's degree.

I said, “The Communist Party has ruined many things. In our university, we have discussions on interesting topics, for example, on ‘Zhishi (knowledge)’. Nowadays, most college students believe that you have 'Zhishi' if you know a lot. Actually, 'Zhishi' is composed of two characters. ‘Zhi’ means 'knowledge' and ‘Shi’ means 'to explore' or 'analyze' a matter using your own judgment without being influenced. It is the ability to research and learn the true nature of a matter. Has any teacher discussed that with you?”

“No. Your point is quite unique. It sounds really good to me.”

“Do you know why? It is because I am a Falun Gong practitioner!”

“Huh?” She seemed surprised and as if she wanted to avoid me.

“Well, we just talked about using your own judgment and not being influenced by others' opinions. But as soon as I mentioned Falun Gong, you abandoned your own judgment. The Party uses the state-controlled media to smear Falun Gong's reputation. But you must make your own decision based on an unbiased perspective.”

She relaxed and began to listen to me.

“For example, the Tiananmen Square self-immolation incident. Think about it. From setting up the fire to the fire being put out, it lasted less than a minute. But CCTV (Chinese Central TV Station) had a TV reporter on the right spot at the exact time to capture everything from beginning to end with a video camera running. The camera must have been on beforehand because he would have had no time to turn it on after he saw it. The lens was focused exactly on the woman. You didn’t see any refocusing. The police immediately showed up with extinguishers and put out the fire from a perfect angle without blocking the camera. Even odder, the whole event was very orderly. It must have been rehearsed many times.”

As though she suddenly recognized something, she said, “Oh, it must have been faked!”

“You are right. Let’s analyze it. CCTV’s logic is pretty simple. It says that, because Falun Gong practitioners set themselves on fire, Falun Gong is bad and dangerous. But we know the self-immolation incident was fake, so it proves that Falun Gong is not bad or dangerous. The truth is that Falun Gong is good and righteous.”

“Excellent logic! I believe Falun Gong is righteous and good. Your lectures must be interesting, too. I hope I will have a chance to hear them one one day.”

“My colleagues and students like to discuss things with me. Have you joined the Party, Youth League, or Young Pioneers?”

“I only joined the Youth League and the Young Pioneers.”

“They are both affiliated with the evil Party. I can help you quit them so that the evil party won't interfere with you. This movement throughout China is called ‘Quit the CCP to be safe.'”

She agreed, saying, “OK. Thank you!”

I gave her a pseudonym to quit the two Party affiliations and told her to remember “Falun Dafa is good” and reminded her to relay the information to her brother and her family.

After that, we talked about graduate study and different majors. She thought my advice was very helpful and that I had had different and refreshing understandings on complex matters. When we finished talking, her bus came.

Example 3

One evening I walked by a construction site gate when a laborer happened to walk out of the gate. I caught up and walked with him.

“My friend," I said, "I can tell you a good way to avoid troubles and that keeps you healthy.”

“What’s that?” he asked.

“I joined the Young Pioneers in elementary school. Did you?”

When he said he had, I told him I had joined the Youth League in middle school, and he said that he had, too.

Then I asked if he had ever joined the Communist Party.

“No,” he said.

“Good! I wish you health and success. Now if you use an alias ‘Yongjian’ (always healthy) to quit the Youth League and the Young Pioneers, you will be truly healthy and successful.”

“That’s good. Thank you!”

I said, “This is called ‘Quit the CCP to be safe.’ Please remember ‘Falun Dafa is good.’ I am a Falun Gong practitioner.”

“OK. I'll remember.”

Then we parted ways.

This was one of the times that a person agreed to quit the CCP or its affiliated organizations in less than a minute. That has happened numerous times. Sometimes when I helped one person quit the CCP, others who were listening nearby also wanted to quit. Once I helped a leader of a small construction team quit the CCP. He walked me around the site to help all of his subordinates quit.

Once I heard a man said his surname was Wu so I created an alias “Wu Dalong” (big dragon Wu) for him. He smiled and said that was his actual name.

Once at a classmates’ reunion party, I helped more than 30 former classmates quit the CCP. Only two left before I had time to talk to them, and a few others refused to quit.

I want to encourage practitioners who are passive like the old me to become active and save more lives. My experience is that, after I actively engaged in face-to-face truth-clarification, I made more progress in studying the Fa and sending forth righteous thoughts. When it is the time for us to return home with Master upon consummation, I hope that we can say that we have fulfilled our vows by having assisted Master in the Fa-rectification period.