Solemn Declaration

Soon after the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) banned Falun Dafa, I did something that I should not have done. My wife was arrested in Beijing because she went there to clarify the truth about Falun Dafa. Due to my fear, I believed in the CCP’s lies and burned her Falun Dafa books. In addition, I was forced to step on Master’s picture when I went to the prison to visit my wife.

Now I realize that I was wrong and I am very regretful for what I have done. Master has mercifully and arduously offered salvation. Due to my ignorance, I have done things against Dafa. I was truly wrong.

I hereby declare that everything I have said and done against Dafa is null and void. I believe that Falun Dafa is good. I have also withdrawn from the CCP. I will always remember that Falun Dafa is good and Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good. I will support Falun Dafa, make up for my past mistakes, start with a clean slate, and be a good person. I am thankful to Master.

Zhao Chunhe, January 2, 2014

Translated from: http://www.minghui.org/mh/articles/2014/1/22/94名觉醒世人的郑重声明-286031.html

Solemn Declaration

My mother and aunt were arrested and detained on October 14, 2013 for distributing informational materials about the persecution of Falun Gong. My aunt was released on October 22, but my mother was transferred to a brainwashing center.

Due to the pressure from the CCP, I have done and said things which were disrespectful of Master and Falun Dafa. In addition, I tore up some truth-clarifying materials and Master’s books. I have committed great sins.

I am deeply regretful for what I have done, because it was disrespectful of Dafa and Master. With the assistance of my mother and aunt, I gained an understanding of Falun Dafa. I am grateful for the benefits my family received due to my mother’s cultivation.

I hereby declare that everything I have said and done against Dafa and Master is null and void. I will support my mother’s cultivation and Falun Dafa and make up for my past mistakes.

Cai Mengjie, January 10, 2014

Translated from: http://www.minghui.org/mh/articles/2014/1/22/94名觉醒世人的郑重声明-286031.html