(Minghui.org) My house is located next to a Falun Dafa group Fa study site. Every day, we study the Fa for half the day, and the other half we clarify the truth. After I joined this effort in the summer of 2012, I have fully experienced the honor and joy associated with saving people. I thank Master for this opportunity.

One day I went with two practitioners to speak to people about the persecution of Falun Dafa. I sent forth righteous thoughts while they talked to passersby. They happily greeted people walking by, and while they were speaking to them, they found a way to convince them to quit the Chinese Communist Party. While they waited for a traffic light to change so they could cross the street, one practitioner helped a young couple withdraw from the Party. A traffic police officer was right there, but that did not bother her at all. Even though I was just a bystander, I felt nervous.

Sometimes, the people shook their heads or hands to say no, but the practitioners did not give up like I would have. After they were finished, I asked, “How was it? Did they quit?” She nodded. I asked, “How did you do it?”

She said, “I told him that I am doing this completely for your well being. I hope you can be safe when disaster comes.” I was surprised that such a simple wish could convince people. I always felt that clarifying the truth was difficult. In reality, all we need is the desire to save people and have compassion for them.

Letting Go of Fear

After following the two practitioners for several days, I was ready to give it a try. When they talked, I also managed to join in. Soon I began to initiate conversations with strangers. But my conversations were unfocused and they ended up wasting time. Later I realized that I still had fear and my topic was off target.

When I sent forth righteous thoughts, I told myself to eliminate fear. Gradually, I learned to stay focused. When I could tell someone was receptive, I directly asked them if they had quit the Party, and I was usually able to convince them.

For some knowledgeable people and those with high social status, a simple and direct approach was often less effective. When I brought up the topic, though, from certain angles, they immediately agreed and withdrew.

One day I met a retired official, and I began to talk about healthy living. I commented on food contamination and the moral decline in China. I also touched on the destruction of China's traditional culture, the Party’s corruption, social unrest, and how the Party will be destroyed by heaven. Finally I brought up Falun Gong. The old man agreed with me on all topics. He even asked me some questions that had bothered him for a long time. I answered his questions to his satisfaction.

He originally refused my advice to quit the Party, but he finally agreed. He said: “If you were my daughter, I would have been very proud.” We both smiled broadly at each other when we bid farewell. I was deeply touched by his sincerity.

I soon realized that I need more patience. When people were not receptive to my suggestion, I easily became discouraged. But I gradually overcame this. I'm determined to save people regardless of their attitude.

Practitioners’ collaboration is very important for truth clarification. In the past, I noticed that one practitioner was using the same approach with everyone. I suggested she use different methods depending on people’s personalities. When she did not follow my advice, I began criticizing her approach. Later, I realized that I should always try to collaborate with her, not try to find faults.

One day, a fellow practitioner and I talked to two retired workers separately. The man I spoke to raised his voice and said, “The authorities are arresting Falun Gong, and the police are close by, why don’t you leave!” He told me he did not believe me. I remained calm and continued talking. I would not let his attitude interfere with the fellow practitioner’s truth clarification.

Finally, the other retired worker agreed to quit the Party. The fellow practitioner thanked me for stopping the other man’s interference. This experience helped me to realize the importance of collaboration and righteous thoughts.

We should also not judge people by their appearance. One day I saw a young couple sitting in a chair in the city square. The girl had dyed her hair an unnatural color. After we told them about the large number of people quitting the Party and its affiliates, they immediately agreed to quit using their real names.

A Race Against Time

We also need to race against time in our efforts to save people. I learned to speed up while talking to people at bus stations, because I need to complete what I have to say before the next bus comes.

I'm ashamed that I did not go out every day. I'm sometimes lazy, sometimes feel shy, and do not balance work and truth clarification well. Sometimes, I went out to clarify the truth, but did not prepare the right materials.

After school started, I shifted my focus and did not work as hard at truth clarification. Soon, I began to have headaches, and I felt unwell. I realized that at this critical moment, our main duty is to save as many people as we can. This is our responsibility. We are building up our mighty virtue from doing the three things.

I realized that Master has arranged everything for us, but we need to do our share with righteous thoughts. I am determined to treasure my cultivation environment, redouble my efforts to study the Fa, and relinquish my human notions. We will save more people quickly.

Allow me to cite Master’s poem,

“I close my eyes and doze off to sever all troubles here Upon waking, endless things come along Neither heaven nor earth can block my road of Fa-rectification But disciples’ human hearts can” (“Troubles” in Hong Yin III)