(Minghui.org) Ever since the National Games, shortly after Wang Dawei became the chief of the Liaoning Provincial Police Department, the persecution in this area has become increasingly more severe.

We suffered tremendous losses affecting our truth clarification efforts. In the final moments before the force of the Fa rectification arrives, the old forces are fighting for their survival. They will not hesitate to make trouble, using our gaps as an excuse to interfere.

Liaoning is one of the provinces with the most cases of persecution. The reason is that there are problems among us and I want to share my thoughts.

Attachments Affecting Cooperation

When viewing the problem from the personal cultivation point, we noticed that many practitioners experienced a more relaxed environment, allowing their show-off mentality to come to the forefront. Instead of studying the Fa they gather around those whose work they admire, creating a clique type of environment.

Also, some Falun Dafa practitioners have become careless concerning security issues. They do Falun Dafa projects based on their intuition and experience instead of using reason or logic. They claim, “I have been doing this for a long time and nothing happened and it is all based on having enough righteous thoughts.”

We are practitioners and saving sentient beings is a task given to practitioners by Master Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Dafa.

I've noticed that if we don't cultivate diligently and our understandings are not based on the Fa, we often get scared and disassociate ourselves from practitioners who are being persecuted. As a result, our local practitioners can't form one body and can't save people effectively.

“'People just have that little bit of adversity of their own, and there are just those little things between people. There’s a lot of attachments they still aren’t able to get rid of! We still have to wait and see whether your people can understand your Great Law when confusion and chaos arrive.' There’s this issue, so there will be interference, and there will be trials.” (Zhuan Falun)

It is precisely in these moments of confusion and chaos when we can see our true xinxing level, as well as our understanding of the Fa.

Teacher is using the old forces' arrangements as tests in our cultivation. If we truly believe that Teacher is in control, why are we still fearful and fail to do the three things openly and nobly?

I have seen practitioners validating themselves, being jealous, fighting, forming small groups, refusing to cooperate, refusing to look within to solve problems, or not cooperating with practitioners from out of town.

Practitioners form small cliques and are emotionally involved with those within the group. When a practitioner is being persecuted, if this practitioner is part of their clique or they think that he/she is someone of importance to them they get involved in the rescue of the practitioner. If not, they stay out of it.

I hope practitioners in Shenyang can look within, remove the partition that separates them, and form one body so that we can end the persecution together.