(Minghui.org) Ms. Zhang Qiaolan, in her 60s, was interrogated and threatened after her arrest on September 24, 2012. When her blood sugar quickly rose to dangerous levels, the doctor recommended that she be taken home. Instead she was transferred to a detention center. Ms. Zhang's health never recovered, and she died a year later.

610 Office Directs the Arrest

Her neighborhood association reported her for distributing Falun Dafa informational materials in the West Neighborhood in Xinpu. Local 610 Office agents and chief Jia and officers from the Xinhai Police Station arrested her. The police claimed that she would be taken to the hospital for an examination and then be released.

The day-long interrogation elevated Ms. Zhang's blood sugar levels, and the doctor advised she be taken home. Instead she was transferred to the Lianyungang Detention Center late that night.

In the meantime, the police and the 610 Office ransacked her home, but did not find anything.

Detained for 10 Days

With no regard for her condition, the police continued to interrogate and threaten Ms. Zhang in the detention center. They wanted her to provide contact information on fellow practitioners. They threatened to transfer her to the forced labor camp if she did not renounce Falun Dafa. She refused on both accounts.

The police deceived her into putting her fingerprints on several documents They held her for ten days and continued to torment her, which caused her health to worsen drastically.

Continued Harassment

The 610 Office directed the neighborhood association and local police to continue to harass her after her release. They monitored her home and cell phone as well as her Internet usage. It put tremendous pressure on Ms. Zhang and her family.

Ms. Zhang's health kept deteriorating and she died a year later, in 2013.

Ms. Zhang was a retired teacher from the Huaihai Technical College in Lianyungang. She suffered from many illnesses, including diabetes and kidney problems, before she began to practice Falun Dafa in 1997. She then returned to good health.