(Minghui.org) After a fellow practitioner was persecuted to death, we learned that his mother (practitioner A) referred to “traditional culture” instead of Falun Dafa in her complaint when she sued the evil Communist Party thugs. Some fellow practitioners thought that was not right. I thought we should kindly share with her and help her overcome her misunderstanding.

I remembered that Master requires us to look within whenever we encounter a problem. I began looking within to find my own shortcomings. I found numerous problems within myself. I had not viewed fellow practitioners' problems as mine. After I decided to send forth righteous thoughts for practitioner A, I only remembered to do so once and forgot it at other times. I did not sincerely work with fellow practitioners to help her when she was in the middle of a tribulation.

I suddenly realized how difficult it had been for A over the years. She had lost her son and justice had not prevailed yet. She had to endure grief from so many places to even be able to appeal. She had to face a lot of evil and had been persecuted many times herself. It truly had not been easy for her.

I began to understand the hardships and the pressure she had endured for years. No matter how many emotions she had not cultivated through yet, her perseverance in appealing for her son's wrongful death was remarkable.

Her shortcoming enabled us, fellow practitioners, to search within. Did we form one body to reinforce and support a fellow practitioner? Did we quietly support her and let her feel the power of group righteous thoughts?

A Dafa practitioner being persecuted to death was not just a matter of concern to her and her family. It related to us all. It was an unforgivable and insurmountable sin that the evil had committed against Dafa and the universe. Each one of us should be involved and use righteous thoughts to defeat the evil. It is our duty as practitioners.

We still have many local practitioners who are being detained. I did not truly and consistently think of them. I only sent forth righteous thoughts for them occasionally. It was fellow practitioners from another area who reminded us to send forth righteous thoughts more consistently. Local practitioners did not even know the names of all who were imprisoned in our area. It was really shameful.

Due to the local geography and a large-scale persecution several years ago, we local practitioners have not communicated much with each other. Our hearts have separated along with the geographic gully, and we have felt satisfied doing the three things alone. When fellow practitioners have been in trouble, needing our help, we have not taken it seriously.

In the case of practitioner A, we felt that she needed to elevate and improve. We forgot that we also needed to elevate and improve, perhaps even more so. What she was going through was not her matter alone; it was our matter as well.

After I realized that I should try my best to reinforce fellow practitioners with righteous thoughts, I felt strong energy rushing out from within when I sent forth righteous thoughts. My palms became hot when I formed the lotus gesture, and my body was lifted up by the energy. I felt the power of righteous thoughts.

It is not unusual that a practitioner would have some shortcomings. This incident with practitioner A can be used to encourage the practitioners in our city to strengthen our righteous thoughts, eliminate the estrangements among us and help us form one body. When we elevate as a group, Master can help us with everything.

To form one body requires action, cooperation, and letting go of self. It does not mean that everyone has to be involved with concrete things. If we can truly pay attention, truly care, and send forth righteous thoughts from within our hearts, we can offset a fellow practitioner's shortcomings, help her quickly overcome the tribulation and eliminate the factors interfering with her and preventing her from validating Dafa.

Fellow practitioners who can get online daily can obtain new information and use e-mail to communicate more with other practitioners. I feel that we are responsible for connecting with fellow practitioners for cooperation, feedback and sending forth righteous thoughts together. Let us help more practitioners pay attention to local happenings and be involved in local efforts with righteous thoughts. Most practitioners in our area do very well once they are notified of what needs to be done.

Dafa practitioners are more and more mature now, and they are more powerful and capable. There are still some limitations due to certain conditions, such as limited online access in our area. Those who have Internet connection and other tools do better in this regard, so they might be able to help our group communicate and become a stronger one body.

This is my personal understanding. Please kindly point out any shortcomings.