(Minghui.org) Mrs. Yang and her husband went to the countryside to distribute Dafa truth-clarification materials on December 28, 2013. She was reported, arrested and sent to the county police station.

Mrs. Yang, from Hunan Province, is approaching eighty. Seven to eight police officers confiscated her truth-clarification materials. One of them screamed at her, “You have so many materials here; we're taking you to the county detention center!” They immediately notified the County 610 Office. Mrs. Yang thought, “Whether it is the police or the 610 Office, I must stop them from committing this crime.”

Mrs. Yang was not frightened at all, and spoke to the policemen. “Why are you still arresting good people? Why are you are still committing this crime? We are saving people. Look at the materials yourselves, every word there is meant to save you. Don't commit any more crimes. Your central government 610 Chief Li Dongsheng has already been already arrested, Zhou Yongkang has been arrested also. Don't you know that?” The policemen read the material and became quiet; their faces changed color, and their viciousness was gone.

After dinner, the county 610 Office head and a group of eight people arrived at the detention center. They knew Mrs. Yang and threatened her: “We will notify your family.” Mrs. Yang sent out strong righteous thoughts and said to them, “I don't need you to notify my family, I will go myself. You had better read the truth-clarification materials yourselves. Your chief 610 officer from the central government has already been arrested and so has Zhou Yongkang. And you still do not know that? And you are still arresting good people and committing crimes against innocent people? We are here to save people. Hurry up read these materials.”

After the officers read the truth-clarification materials, their attitude changed immediately. The head of the county 610 Office stated, “I no longer want to do any evil.” Mrs. Yang said, “Yes, do not arrest any good people. Time waits for no one. Hurry up and quit the Chinese Communist Party and its affiliated organizations. I have to go now, I have a lot to do.”

The head of the 610 Office asked, “Where are you going? I can take you there.” Mrs. Yang replied, “I don't want to bother you, I will go myself.” With Master's protection, she left the police station in an upright and dignified manner.