(Minghui.org) Fellow practitioners, let's drop the wishful thinking that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) will end its persecution of Falun Gong. Don't be fooled by its tricks. We must cultivate ourselves well and seize this time to save more sentient beings.

I have noticed that the CCP has a new line of tricks. Even though my observations may not be completely accurate, they may be worth your consideration.

- The CCP will use large-scale anti-corruption campaigns to hunt down both the big fish and small (high and low-ranking CCP officials), but it will not end the persecution of Falun Gong or stop the organ harvesting on its own.

- After declaring victory via carrying out these campaigns, the CCP will then use mass media to launch a new propaganda campaign to rally people to its “successes.” It will then in turn use that momentum to escalate the persecution against Falun Gong practitioners.

- When the CCP believes that it has garnered enough popular support, it may launch another political campaign to attack Falun Gong, using tactics perfected during the Cultural Revolution.

I believe that the old forces will set up their final battle to achieve the following:

One, use the CCP as a tool to destroy everything that they see fit during the Fa-rectification and find a way to ensure their own survival.

Two, test Falun Dafa practitioners and eliminate those that they believe fall short of their standards.

Three, gain control over a large number of Chinese people and attempt to force our Master to make a most difficult choice about their fate.

Thus far, I have observed the following in China:

- In many areas in China, there are practitioners who lack maturity in the way they are conducting themselves, thereby causing damage to themselves and other practitioners.

- In many areas, practitioners have hired lawyers to defend them. There have been some successes, but these cases are not being won outright. In cases where practitioners have clarified the truth thoroughly, even though the case was lost in court, the evil was deterred. However, in cases where the truth-clarification was done poorly, the cases were lost, and practitioners in the area suffered unnecessary losses.

- Outside of China, we will not find all of the countries' governments supporting Falun Gong. The CCP's nature will dictate that it tell more lies in order to survive. Just like Master said, “It’s just like how poison is bound to be poisonous, and even if you asked it not to be poisonous it couldn’t do that.” (“Fa Teaching at the 2013 Great New York Fa Conference”).

The CCP will use every opportunity to deceive the world. It is very unlikely for human rights talks to succeed in a material way. Only practitioners can save lives by clarifying the truth.

- Master has told us many times that we should not put hope in ordinary people or the evil CCP to end the persecution. He has reminded us so many times that we must study the Fa and relinquish all human attachments. When all practitioners can truly cultivate and validate the Fa, it will be time for gods and Buddhas to show themselves to the human world.

- Chinese society cannot be changed by human means. It is my hope that practitioners will not harbor illusions about the CCP changing for the better and stand by Master in the Fa-rectification.

Those who don't want to give up Falun Dafa, but are not truly cultivating or have not been cultivating diligently, please think about our Master. Master's infinite compassion in waiting for us to mature is not a trifling matter. Do not let your thousands of years of waiting and reincarnations conclude with eternal regret.

Let us all melt into the Fa, forge our mighty virtue to assist Master in Fa-rectification, and completely negate the old forces' arrangements.