(Minghui.org) My brother’s mother-in-law suffered from severe osteoarthritis. She tried all sorts of treatments but still became paralyzed and ended up bedridden for three years, unable to take care of herself.

One day her husband heard that Falun Gong had amazing healing benefits. He searched for a Falun Gong practitioner, asking everyone around him. When he learned there was a practitioner over three miles away, he took his paralyzed wife by horse and cart to the practitioner’s home.

The practitioner explained what Falun Gong was and why it had amazing healing benefits. He told them that Falun Gong was a cultivation way from the Buddha school and that they had to study the Fa as well as practice the exercises if they really wanted to learn. They had to truly believe in Master and the Fa and improve their moral standards. The couple bought a copy of Zhuan Falun before they left.

My brother's mother-in-law was illiterate and had to learn every word. Since it was harvest season, her family members were busy in the field and didn’t have time to teach her. She became anxious, and so she asked them to put her next to the road. She sat there and asked every passerby how to read the words in the book.

One day she became so frustrated and shouted out, “When can I possibly read this book?” She cried until she fell asleep.

She had a dream in which someone was teaching her to read. When she woke up, she read the book to her surprised family members. “How come you can read?” She was moved to tears. “This Dafa is so good. I can finally read!”

Her family members were shocked and one of them exclaimed: “Dafa is miraculous. She learned to read in two days!” She read the book diligently every day since then.

Ten days later when she was half asleep in bed, she saw a tall, strong man in a doctor’s white coat come to her. He used pliers to pick out splinter-like stuff from her body one by one, which accumulated into a small pile. He said to her: “You don’t need to see the doctor if you have illness again.” Then he left. She didn’t know what he meant.

My mother told me about our in-law's experience when I went back to my hometown that day. I went to see my brother's mother-in-law and said, “Master has purified your body and opened up your wisdom, enabling you to read. You must cultivate diligently. Master has given you a second life!” She was very moved and was very thankful to Master.

We studied the Fa together and she came to know a lot of Fa principles. I also taught her the exercise movements. At first she was unable to stand and had to lean against the wall. But ten days later she was able to walk by herself and could even do a bit of housework. She recovered completely several days after that.

Her recovery amazed people in the village. They knew that she had been paralyzed for three years yet now she could walk and do housework. When they came to see her she told them her miraculous experience. She proudly said: “Falun Gong has saved my life. Master has given me a second life!”