(Minghui.org) The 11th China Fahui began Nov. 8 and ended on Nov. 16. Local practitioners said they benefited greatly from reading the online experience-sharing articles daily. They valued most that the authors lived by the Falun Dafa principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and developed a selfless state. It was evident from their articles that the authors maintained a pure heart, thinking only of others.

Seeing the Gap and Becoming More DiligentA practitioner who worked and had family obligations said that she was inspired by the article “Balancing Work and Cultivation Well.” The author handled difficult situations by remembering Dafa's principles. Because of his efforts, many people resigned from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliates. She said she needed to have more compassion and cherish the opportunities.

A practitioner mentioned that the article “The Story of a Young Dafa Practitioner Who Has Gone through Countless Hardships” made her more appreciative of the importance of guiding young practitioners in their cultivation. It is easy for children to ease up on their cultivation when they come in contact with society. The young practitioner steadfastly believed in Dafa and helped his father recover from his life-threatening situation. It helped her realize that cultivation does not depend on age. All lives have the same goal, and Teacher is always beside us.

Another practitioner said she thought she was very dedicated in telling people about Dafa. But after reading articles such as “Letting Go of Fear in Labor Camps” and “Everything Goes Well When Thinking of Others,” she found where she fell short in comparison with the authors. She realized that she was not entirely selfless and that she lacked compassion and forbearance. As a result she developed hostile feelings against the perpetrators of the persecution. She did not truly think of their well being. Only when one lets go of all human attachments can one reach the state of pure kindness.

Becoming Clear Minded

A fellow practitioner said that reading “The Path Broadens as Selflessness Conquers Fear (Part 1)” helped him to become clearer. When the author went to get the things that might be confiscated, she took all of the Dafa materials as well as the belongings of fellow practitioners, but not a single item of her own. The practitioner felt that letting go of selfishness was so important. This taught her to think of others first and saving sentient beings despite facing difficult situations.

One practitioner said that she had met two people that repeated the CCP's lies about practitioners, such as not taking medicine when illness occurred. She had faced such this type of situation before, but was never sure how to handle it. No one seemed to listen to her point of view.

She suddenly gained the wisdom to deal with the situation. Rather than arguing she said calmly: “The targets during all of the CCP campaigns were always the Chinese elite. The CCP destroyed them, but about 10 or 20 years later tried to restore their names. The Cultural Revolution was a good example. Can you say that those who were persecuted were bad?” This made the listeners start to think seriously and they gradually understood what was really going on in the persecution of Falun Gong. They then agreed to quit the CCP and its affiliates.

The practitioner said, “I suddenly realized why I often faced people who spoke ill of Dafa. In reality, it pointed out my attachment to selfishness. I finally recognized this attachment because of reading the China Fahui articles. Telling people the facts about Dafa became easier.

Diligent Cultivation Changes Selfishness

A practitioner said that the authors differ a great deal in what they've experienced. However, every path that turns a human into a divine being requires diligent cultivation and being unselfish. Every path reflected Teachers benevolent care and validated the glory of Dafa.

These articles show that the effectiveness of saving sentient beings depends on how pure and righteous one is.

Two practitioners told people the facts about Falun Dafa recently. They had with them Dafa truth-clarification materials. But each experienced a different situation. One practitioner distributed little of her materials and the last person she met took a copy, but tried to take this practitioner to a police station.

The other practitioner told people the facts about Falun Dafa and a dozen people quit the CCP and its affiliates, with most using their real names. This practitioner gave her name and said that her physical and mental health improved after cultivating in Dafa. Everyone listened quietly. The practitioner asked one officer if he had persecuted practitioners. The officer said no, but admitted that he went with others and participated in some arrests. The practitioner told him that he had committed a sin. The officer showed his identification and used his real name to quit the CCP and its affiliates. He said that he would retire soon and that he no longer arrests practitioners. Most people took her Dafa materials.

Just as it is said in the article “They Truly Care about Us,” “I know that truth-clarification doesn't have any shortcuts. We must do it with our hearts. The purer we are, the stronger the impact. When we are assimilated to the Fa, we have achieved a divine realm.”

Local practitioners said that reading China Fahui articles set a new starting point for them. They will make good use of the limited time, look inward when facing difficulties and always think of others first. We must not leave any regrets of this once-in-a-million-lifetime chance of helping Teacher rectify the Fa.