(Minghui.org) The Minghui website was acknowledged by Master for being a Falun Dafa practitioners' acceptable website. Besides serving as an experience sharing platform for practitioners, it is also regarded as Falun Dafa's “official website” by society's people.

When practitioners surf the Internet, especially those in China, Minghui is usually their first choice. It has also become more influential among average people. Therefore, the quality of Minghui has a significant impact on practitioners' effectiveness in awakening sentient beings. The main reason for this assertion is that all truth-clarification materials are downloaded from Minghui.

We must remember that if there are any mistakes or shortcomings on Minghui, it could negatively affect the website's reputation. At the same time, the overall effect of saving sentient beings could be hampered.

High Quality and Strong Credibility

During the Shen Yun project, Master has paid much attention to the quality of programs and the performance. Master said,

“...I specified that we ensure the quality of the program and that the performance is perfect, that we ensure the best results, and that there are no lapses or problems at any point along the way. When we truly achieve that, the show’s influence is sure to expand. ” (“Fa Teaching Given at the NTDTV Meeting”)

Master also said,

“This includes the art forms that you feature, the arts events that you air, and the content of your programs—they need to have quality. When people can tell right away that it’s a high-quality, credible media company, its reputation will grow still further.” (Fa Teaching Given at the 2014 San Francisco Fa Conference”)

Master did not address the Minghui website in his speech, but the intent of Master's quote could also be a hint to practitioners for the Minghui website. In my humble opinion, Minghui should strive to achieve high quality and thus be credible in the eyes of its readers.

It is highly possible that Minghui deals, like most other Dafa projects, with manpower issues, especially since most of those working on Dafa projects are also busy with a job. There is certainly a lot of pressure when servicing tens of millions of practitioners, considering the translating, polishing and editing that goes into Minghui articles.

Calling for Practitioners' Help

It would be good if every practitioner who can surf Minghui would think, “What can I do to help Minghui's smooth running and advancement?”

If practitioners collectively safeguard Minghui's healthy development, the website's reputation, credibility and prestige would be elevated, the effect of awakening sentient beings would be strengthened, and any chance for attacks on Minghui would disappear.

Any author or reader of Minghui should not hesitate to contact Minghui with suggestions and comments when spotting an issue. Should Minghui call for help, one should take it upon him or herself and provide support. Those who submit an article to Minghui, be they from inside or outside of China, must check and proofread the article carefully and keep its accuracy in mind.

Cultivation Process

The process of writing an article is also a cultivation process. It should be instrumental in letting go of attachments, purifying one's heart, be a tool for looking inside, help practitioners understand the Fa, improve his or her xinxing and ultimately raise the level of practitioners.

When writing, studying the Fa and sending righteous thoughts it is important to clear one's mind. This could be essential for eliminating mistakes.

In being conscientious, not only could it spare Minghui editors some unnecessary work, but also improve Minghui's overall quality, establish the brand of Minghui, and enhance its efficiency and mighty virtue.

The mighty virtue will be earned by all involved in the Minghui development, including coordinators, editors, translators, polishers and readers that provide feedback. All those involved with Minghui collectively have created the brilliance of Minghui.