(Minghui.org) I recently saw a high mountain through my third eye, with high-level lives standing on every step from the foot of the mountain to its peak. I was able to reach the pavilion on top of the mountain and thought it was its highest point. But when looking around, I saw numerous mountains many times higher.

The mountains were so high that they could be compared to the “Himalayas.” There were large trees and snow on the upper half of the mountains.

The mountains on which Falun Dafa disciples were seen, were like small piles of dirt in front of those highest mountains.

With a new target in sight, I continued to cultivate diligently. A few days later, I saw the snow covered mountains below me. I had overcome the mountains that originally appeared insurmountable. Looking down at the lower level mountains they appeared so small and not worth mentioning.

I realized, however, that I had not reached the highest point. There were some even higher mountains. These mountains were not covered with snow. Rather, I saw some clouds near and around the large trees. This told me that Teacher let me see my next target and encouraged me to keep on moving forward.

Many lives resided at the pavilion that I was at. Some were my former classmates, colleagues, fellow practitioners, relatives or friends.

Dafa saves sentient beings and many of their divine sides have been saved to the celestial world. But the Fa-rectification is not over and the truth cannot yet be revealed.

The opportunity that Dafa provides for sentient beings will not be forever available. Fa-rectification will be over one day and the opportunity will be gone. Every one will be scrutinized for what he has done and the choices that he has made in the past.

Teacher said,

“The beings that have come to this world, [including those that] couldn’t become human beings and became animals or plants—all of them are waiting for Dafa disciples to save them. If you don’t do well, it’s not just a matter of you yourselves not doing well—the beings that you have vowed to save will lose their chance. Your responsibility is great. The future is waiting for you, and numerous beings in the cosmos are waiting for you.” (“Fa Teaching at the 2014 San Francisco Fa Conference”)