(Minghui.org) Yu Chunxiang (喻春祥) from the Hubei Province Police Department has been leading the persecution of Falun Gong in Hubei. Over the past 15 years of the practice was banned, the police in Hubei have arrested over 10,000 practitioners at Yu's orders. The police have fabricated evidence, putting thousands of practitioners in prisons. Many more have been tortured in detention centers, mental hospitals, and brainwashing centers. At least 184 practitioners died as a result.

In August 2014, Yu was promoted to secretary and chief of Wuhan City Police Department due to his achievements in cracking down on Falun Gong. In four months alone, the police arrested 62 practitioners. The extent of the police department's involvement in the persecution in Wuhan is one of the worst in China.

Multiple Arrests

According to the most recent survey from the Minghui website, officers from the Domestic Security Division of Wuhan City Police Department arrested 15 practitioners in August, 11 in September, 12 in October, and 24 in November.

Yu ordered officers from the Domestic Security and Gui Yunfei (贵云飞) from Qinduankou Police Station to arrest eight practitioners. Ms. Zhou Wenjuan (周文娟) and Mr. Zhang Bing (张兵) were detained in Ankang Hospital. Mr. Xiao Shuwei (肖书维) and Lao Ma (老马) were in the 2nd Detention Center. Lao Kuang (老匡), Lao Xiong (老熊) and Lao Xia (老夏) were in the 1st Detention Center. Ms. Zhang Hong (张红) was released.

Officers from Hualou Street Police Office in the Jianghan District arrested four practitioners on November 2: Ms. Kong Qinglan (孔庆兰), Ms. Kong Qingxian (孔庆仙), Ms. Zhou Ailing (周爱玲) ,and Ms. Wu Yunhua (吴云华). After 15 days of detention, Ms. Kong was transferred to Banqiao Brainwashing Center; Ms. Wu and Ms. Zhou were taken to the 1st Detention Center of Wuhan Police Department; Ms. Kong escaped and left home to avoid further persecution.

Police Take Samples of Practitioners' Blood after Breaking in

The Chinese regime frequently forces Falun Gong practitioners to have blood tests. The results are put into a database so that matching donors can be found for potential organ buyers. When there is a buyer, a practitioner with matching blood is arrested on bogus charges. His/her organs are harvested while he/she is still alive and sold for organ transplants.

After Yu became the police chief, several incidents took place where police broke into practitioners' homes, arrested them, and took samples of their blood against their will before releasing them. Police officer Cao (曹)) and five others broke into Ms. Zhang Kunlan's (张坤兰) home in the Qiaokou District on September 24, 2014. They took her to Hanshuiqiao Police Station. Three men held her down and took her blood.

An officer from Yijiadun Street Police Station broke into Ms. Li Yuzhu's (李玉珠) home on September 23. He took her to the police station and took her blood before releasing her.

Forging Evidence, Arrests, Trials, and Convictions

After the police arrested the practitioners, they forged evidence against them so that they could be tried, convicted, and imprisoned.

Between August and November 2014, two practitioners were arrested, five were tried, and one was given a prison sentence. An officer from the Domestic Security Bureau took Ms. Li Fang (李芳) from work on October 13. Her arrest was approved on November 10.

A police officer seized Ms. Zhou Yao (周尧) and confiscated her cell phone on July 29, 2014. The police used her cell phone as evidence to prove that she practiced Falun Dafa and put her in a brainwashing center. She was officially arrested on November 13.

Four practitioners were tried in Xihu District Court on August 5, 2014. Two of them were Mr. Kang Youyuan (康佑元) from Qiaokou and Ms. Liu Zhenli (刘珍俐) from Xingou Town. The court sentenced Mr. Kang to three years in prison and transferred him to Hongshan Prison on October 28.

Mr. Feng Jiwu (冯继武) was tried in Hanyang District Court on November 26, 2014.

The Wuhan Police Department is responsible for at least a dozen practitioners still being held in detention centers and facing further persecution.