(Minghui.org) Greetings, revered Master! Greetings, fellow practitioners!

I started practicing Dafa in 2006 while my husband was suffering from late stage cancer. My younger sister and my niece were Dafa practitioners. Both of them encouraged my husband to study the Fa so Master could save him. So we all studied together. We were on the fourth lecture of Zhuan Falun when my husband passed away. Fortunately, I obtained the Fa, and my inflamed joints, stomach pain, and gallbladder inflammation were all miraculously cured. I was in good health again.

After my husband died, I did not know what to do with my life. My daughter had just married. My son–now in his thirties–was single, with no prospects in sight. I did not have a fixed income. I rented out several rooms in my home and lived on the rent money. My sister and my niece often came by to study Fa with me. The only thing I kept doing was reading Zhuan Falun. Master said,

"Some people’s children have died, but they can’t let go of them and talk about how wonderful they were, or they talk about how great their mothers were, but they’ve died. These people grieve their hearts out as if they want to follow their deceased for the rest of their lives." (Zhuan Falun)

The Fa helped me understand why people are living and helped me overcome the grief from my loss.

Until 2009, all I did was study the Fa with my heart. The more I studied, the better I felt and the more I loved to study. I encountered miracles during this period: one spring, I had some coal briquettes that I moved inside a shelter. Each bag of coal weighed about 80 pounds, and I stacked them as high as six bags. I was in my sixties, and this would have been impossible before I obtained the Fa. When my son came home and heard that I moved all the coal by myself, he was amazed.

The Flower Blossoms

Around the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the Chinese Communist Party authorities sent more than a dozen practitioners in my area to a labor camp, sentenced three practitioners to long prison terms, and harassed more than a hundred others. Many production sites of Dafa materials were destroyed.

Fewer and fewer practitioners could make Dafa materials, so there just weren't enough when disciples went out to clarify the truth. I decided to start producing materials in my home. With Master's protection and fellow practitioners' help, I had a material production site set up by the beginning of 2009.

I was in my sixties and did not know how to use a computer, so this undertaking was not easy for me. Fellow practitioners wrote down the steps, and I followed their instructions and was able to print. At first I was not able to find the “collate” option, so I was printing each page and sorting them manually. It took hours and was tiring, but I was happy I could make Dafa materials.

To speed up and make more materials, I was determined to learn how to “collate.” So one night after sending forth righteous thoughts at midnight, I asked Master for help. A while later while on the computer, I clicked a key, and it was the collate option. I thanked Master for helping me.

In the process of making materials, I enlightened that whenever the machine had problems, that was the time I needed to improve my xinxing. I must study the Fa and cultivate my xinxing, looking inward for attachments that I need to eliminate.

The demand for my materials always outstripped my supply. One morning after I sent forth righteous thoughts at 6 a.m., I was in a hurry to turn on my computer to print Dafa materials. I was disappointed that I could not get the machine up and running.

I thought about taking the machine to a repair shop. Then I thought, how could a god ask ordinary people to repair this machine? I calmed myself and looked inward. I realized I had the attachment to doing things. I started to study the Fa. After three lectures, I went back to the computer, and the machine worked. I understood that Master used this incident to remove my my attachment.

Becoming a Bigger Flower

When the persecution was severe, many fellow practitioners' homes were closely monitored. Since I obtained Dafa later, the police did not know I was a Dafa practitioner yet. The coordinating practitioner came and asked if they could combine several other material centers into mine; I agreed. I stopped renting the rooms in my home and used them all for material production.

The coordinating practitioner wanted to pay me rent, but I declined. All the other fellow practitioners were contributing money and materials, but I did not have much money and felt this was the least I could do. So I never rented those rooms out again.

Fellow practitioners came to my center with enthusiasm, and we worked on more projects. Whatever was needed to clarify the truth about the persecution to the public, we provided. We burned DVDs, printed sticky notes, copied anti-censorship software, and made Dafa amulets, bookmarks, banners, books, calendars, etc. The Dafa books we made were often distributed to nearby areas.

We paid special attention to Fa study. We established our own Fa study group, studied the Fa, and shared experiences on a regular basis. We looked inward and improved our xinxing whenever there were any problems. We all improved together, and the material center was harmonious. Because we coordinated very well, we accomplished many tasks that first seemed impossible.

Less than a month before the New Year, a fellow practitioner brought to my home more than one thousand calendar frames. The other practitioners did not have time to make calendars, so the coordinator asked me to make as many as I could. I didn't hesitate to accept the project.

While working on the calendars, I spent nearly 24 hours a day working with the printer. I completed all the calendars in time and managed to continue producing other Dafa materials, as well. I knew this was not because of my own abilities but the power of Dafa.

I knew setting up the materials center in my home was my mission. I was fulfilling the vow I made when I came to assist Master in the Fa-rectification. I made up my mind that this “flower” will never wither, that no evil can destroy it. Even though I went through many tests and dangers, I remained safe.

In April 2013, two fellow practitioners and I went to a neighboring county to distribute Shen Yun DVDs. We were reported, and the local police arrested us. In the detention center, I kept thinking that the material center in my home could not be destroyed. When the police asked me where I lived, I gave them my nephew's address. My nephew covered for me and told them I worked as a nanny at another person's home. I was able to leave the detention center.

With the Fa-rectification process quickly moving forward, more and more fellow practitioners joined us to make truth-clarification materials. Our large material production center was split into several smaller ones. I ran the center at my home all by myself again.

It is a blessing to practice Dafa. Master gave me a lot in my personal life. My son married, and I now have a grandson. I have a happy family that my neighbors envy. I took care of my grandson while doing the three things, and my material production site runs smoothly. One day, I told a fellow practitioner in charge of buying supplies that I ran out of paper. He was surprised and said, "didn't I just bring you six boxes?" I said it had been a month, and I used them all up already.

In the remaining Fa-rectification period, I will continue to cultivate and do the three things better. I will fulfill my vow and follow Master home.

Thank you, Master! Thank you, fellow practitioners!