(Minghui.org) Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Zhang Yuxia (张玉霞) has been illegally arrested and detained since August of this year. Despite numerous attempts by her lawyer and family to access her case file, the prosecutor and local court have rejected their requests with all sorts of excuses.

Ms. Zhang's case was submitted to the Procurator Office on September 30. When her lawyer and family went there and requested to view her case file on October 8, persecutor He Rui denied their request, simply saying, “This case is special.”

Three days later, when Zhang's lawyer and family again went to the Procurator Office requesting to see the case file, they were told that her case file was with the persecutor, who was in training that week. When the lawyer went back on October 28, he was informed that the case had been submitted to court.

Ms. Zhang's lawyer went to court the next day. A court staff member told him that he couldn't see the case file until a judge was assigned to it. A few days later, the lawyer was asked to submit certification that allows him to represent Falun Gong practitioners. The lawyer objected, since there is no law that restricts practitioners' right to counsel. The judge backed down and agreed to consider his request. As of this writing, the lawyer still has no access to Ms. Zhang's case file.

Ms. Zhang was arrested on August 6, 2014 by police from Hexin Township Police Station of Changchun City. She was then taken to Siping City Detention Center. When her family tried to visit her at the detention center on August 24, they were not allowed to see her and were told to come back in six months.

Ms. Zhang Yuxia, 52 , is from Hexin Township, Luyuan District of Changchun City. She started practicing Falun Gong in March 1999. Many chronic illnesses that had troubled her soon went away, and even her eyesight improved. She credits Falun Gong with helping her become a calmer and kinder person.

The authorities issued a nationwide arrest warrant for her in 2010 in connection with another Falun Gong arrest. Ms. Zhang left home with her daughter to avoid being arrested. They were only able to return home early this year.

Telephone numbers of relevant agencies and personnel:

Gongzhuling Police Department: +86-0434-6215868Captain of Domestic Security Unit (李某某): +86-13504440000Assistant captain of Domestic Security Unit: +86-15944430990Gongzhuling Procurator Office: +86-0434-6266262Prosecutor Herui (何睿): +86-15043435152Gongzhuling Court: +86-0434-3196100Wei wei (魏巍), office staff: +86-0434-3196160Siping Detention Center: +86-0434-3321451