(Minghui.org) I moved from another area to my current residence and started practicing Falun Dafa in northeastern China in 1997. I moved again with my husband in January 1999 to a remote area for five years and returned to northeastern China, my second hometown, at the beginning of 2004.

By this time, the persecution was in full swing and many fellow practitioners here had been thrown into prison with heavy sentences. Local practitioners hadn't obtained a copy of Minghui Weekly for several months, not to mention truth-clarification materials for non-practitioners.

Shouldering the Responsibility on My Own

With practitioners' help, I established a truth-clarification materials production site in the autumn of 2004. I learned the required skills soon after. My niece, also a practitioner, helped me. We started producing Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party on a large scale, as well as other DVDs and pamphlets.

As we came in contact with more practitioners, the demand for the materials increased. I recalled that one batch of materials required 40 to 50 boxes of paper.

The variety of work at a materials production site is quite complicated. I was very busy every day: visiting Minghui.org, downloading files, printing, assembling materials, burning DVDs, printing messages about the persecution on Chinese currency, and distributing materials to other practitioners.

In a normal week, we printed 250 copies of Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, 800 to 1,000 truth-clarification pamphlets, and 70 copies of new lectures. We had to do everything on our own: from purchasing supplies to recycling used paper and ink cartridges.

We became even busier if practitioners were arrested. We normally gathered information from their family members, exposed the authorities' crimes online as soon as possible, distributed timely sharing and notices, notified practitioners in other districts to join the rescue effort, sent forth righteous thoughts in close proximity to the detention facilities, and shared with fellow practitioners immediately after they were released from detention.

For the purpose of rescuing fellow practitioners, I started editing local truth-clarification materials in 2006. I often worked until 2 a.m. each day. For 10 years, I have shouldered the compilation and production of all kinds of Dafa materials in my area.

No matter what tribulations I have gone through, I have not delayed a single issue of Minghui Weekly. I have always made Master's new lectures available as soon as possible to fellow practitioners. My distribution area covers a 25-mile radius.

Sometimes my travel between different practitioners' locations took five hours a day. I persisted for three years and kept them in contact.

No matter how busy I was, I placed emphasis on studying the Fa and cultivating solidly. I measured myself according to the requirements of the Fa and tried to maintain calmness.

Seeing the cultivation state of arrested practitioners also served as a reminder for me: They had usually slacked off in their Fa study for a long time before their arrests. They usually dozed off during Fa study or while sending forth righteous thoughts. Some spent too much time trying to make money. Their not having enough time to study the Fa and do the Three Things well led to their persecution.

All of this alerted me from time to time: I had to study the Fa and cultivate myself well so not to leave any loopholes for the evil to latch onto in their persecution. I absolutely shouldn't cause losses to Dafa because my safety was not just a personal issue. I had to be responsible for providing materials to practitioners in my area. I had to be responsible for the salvation of sentient beings in my area. This is my mission and duty.

Negating the Persecution

The police raided my city for three consecutive days and nights at the beginning of April 2002. Over 100 practitioners were arrested. More than 300 were sent to a local labor camp within three days.

I pondered: “This is beyond the sacrifice and endurance of individuals. This is not an issue of whether an individual is afraid or not. This has to do with the safety of large groups of sentient beings. How can we then avoid and negate the persecution?”

Master's new book Touring North America to Teach the Fa had just been published at that time. I studied it repeatedly and gained a lot of new understandings.

I realized that I shouldn't passively endure the persecution. If I could let go of life and death and be as firm as diamond, I should be able to negate the persecution. The evil wouldn't be able to harm me.

Three policemen broke into my home in July 2003. A practitioner and her granddaughter were visiting, and a set of cassettes of Master's lecture was in my bedroom. We were doing some math homework with the girl in the living room.

Two policemen had already come into my home when I noticed them. The third one was at the door of my living room. He pretended to be on a phone call and asked me if he would have to take off his shoes before entering my home.

My first thought was: “No one can touch anything in my home!” I spoke to them loudly with a stern voice: “Why? You are concerned with stepping on my floor and making it dirty? You guys even dare stomp on the Constitution! What's wrong with Falun Gong? What's wrong with Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance? What's wrong with freedom of belief?”

They were shocked. They awkwardly tried to converse with my husband. I said goodbye to the fellow practitioner in a natural voice. She left with her granddaughter. She told me later that she immediately sent forth righteous thoughts for me upon arriving home.

One policeman smiled and pointed to the bedroom, “Let me take a look inside.” I responded, “Do you have a search warrant?” The policeman didn't dare to step inside.

Another young policeman took out a piece of wrinkled paper and said, “This is the search warrant.” But I didn't pay any attention to him. The three of them left without doing anything. Through the window at the back of my house, I saw them happily chatting as they left my place.

I realized that they were happy because they didn't commit crimes against Falun Dafa. I further sensed what Master meant by “Dafa Disciples' righteous thoughts are powerful.” (“Dafa Disciples’ Righteous Thoughts are Powerful” from Essentials for Further Advancement II)

Over 10 policemen came to my home in 2003 and took me to the local police station. Their leader asked me whom I knew in the city and whom I knew in other cities. I simply stared at the ceiling and sent righteous thoughts, “This is already humiliation that I was taken to the police station. I cannot share a single piece of information.”

I wasn't affected no matter what the officer said. I asked myself to achieve what Master told us in Touring North America to Teach the Fa:

“When you conduct yourselves righteously Master can do anything for you. If your righteous thoughts are truly strong, if you're able to put aside the thought of life and death, and if you're solid and unshakable like diamond, then those evil beings won't dare to touch you, because they know that other than killing you any type of persecution will be useless. The evil will have no choice but to leave you alone.”

The man saw that I wasn't afraid at all, then said, “Falun Gong is like this. They don't say anything. You guys drive me back to my agency. Just take care of this.” I later learned that this person was the head of the 610 Office in my city.

The local policemen started questioning me. They took out an audio cassette and said this recording of my phone conversations would be the “evidence.” I said that the caller was my nephew and condemned their illegal tapping of my phone.

I went home after that, in time to cook lunch for my family as usual.

Three materials production sites in my area were sabotaged before the 2008 Beijing Olympics. A practitioner couldn't endure the tortures and provided information about more than 10 of us involved in making truth-clarification materials.

One afternoon in July 2008, I returned home after delivering some truth-clarification materials to practitioners. I didn't think about it too much when I saw a police car nearby. Within a few minutes of my arrival at home, the police came knocking at the door. I then saw three police cars in the courtyard of the complex. They were checking identifications unit by unit.

Another practitioner was with me at the moment. Both of us sat on the floor and sent forth righteous thoughts. The police left after half an hour. They came a few more times over the next several days, but the atmosphere of terror was gone.

I learned at the beginning of August that the police had put me on a wanted list. The reward was 10,000 yuan. Fellow practitioners told me that they saw the notices posted in such and such places in the city.

However, my righteous thoughts became stronger and stronger. I knew that such notices were posted precisely because the police couldn't track us down. I continued doing what I should do, as normal. I often went close to local detention facilities to send forth righteous thoughts.

My name was mentioned frequently in the cases of practitioners going through illegal trials while I was nearby sending righteous thoughts to disintegrate the evil that persecutes Dafa practitioners.

Running Stably amidst Disturbances

Although our materials production site seemed to have run smoothly without any problems, different types of disturbances and interference never stopped. Strangers knocked at the door; the property manager came in for paperwork; the police checked identifications... I simply sent righteous thoughts regardless of the form of the interference.

Even though I could interact with fellow practitioners righteously and be eloquent with my understanding of the Fa, I still sensed tremendous pressure once I returned to the materials production site. The pressure in other dimensions was enormous.

I used an old-fashioned heater once in February 2009. I went to the bathroom to wash myself after I finished the morning exercises. I came back in five minutes and was shocked at what I saw: My blankets and bedding were on fire! The flames were high; the room was full of thick smoke. The heater had fallen onto the bed.

I immediately fetched water and poured it on the flames. I wrapped the heater with wet blankets. Later, I found that the heater was still plugged in! Even my wall was black. I calmed down and thought, “This was so dangerous! I don't know what could have happened without Master's protection!”

I was walking home after work one day in the summer of 2012. I suddenly felt that I was being pushed by a force for about 15 feet and then I fell to the ground. I realized that a jeep had knocked me down. Again Master protected me!

The driver was shaken. I told him that I was a Falun Dafa practitioner and I was fine. I found that my white outfit hadn't even gotten dirty. A karmic debt was thus resolved with Master’s protection.

Distributing the Truth throughout the Area

I had help from other practitioners in 2013 so I could distribute Shen Yun DVDs in person. A fellow practitioner wanted to do it in the morning market, so we teamed up. I only brought 50 DVDs the first time. Later we took 100 boxes each time. We distributed the DVDs as we introduced Shen Yun Performing Arts and its classical dance and music performances on the DVD. It was so pleasant and sacred.

My niece came with me one morning. We split up so we could cover more people. I saw her distributing the DVDs very fast. She was in and out the crowd, just like a celestial maiden. I asked her on our way back, “How were you able to do it so fast?

She responded, “I didn't think of anything but saving people.” I realized that I still had concerns and wasn't as pure as she was, therefore I was slower.

We usually sent forth righteous thoughts each time before we distributed Shen Yun DVDs on the market. An experience one morning left me with deep impressions.

People in the market saw my big bag and asked me what I was selling. I put down the bag and started telling them about Shen Yun, a traditional Chinese classical dance and music performance and a world number one show, adding that its world tour covers over 100 cities each year.

People converged and surrounded me layer by layer. They asked, “Give me one, give me one!” They refused to leave if they didn't get all the introductory materials that went with the DVD.

All my DVDs were grabbed in less than 15 minutes. The four of us had brought 600 DVDs. We distributed them all in less than half an hour. Because of our persistent truth-clarification efforts, people in my area have learned the truth well. They want all types of Falun Gong materials; even just a piece of paper with Falun Gong information was nice for them.

Non-practitioners helped me distribute the materials each time. They grabbed multiple copies, spread them around, and came back for more.

We distributed the 2014 calendars in the same market. I put down my big bag and called out, “Remember Falun Dafa is good! Miraculous mind and body benefits! Free 2014 calendars for good fortune in the New Year!” Over 100 calendars were taken in no time.

The young man who was collecting taxes from the market vendors smiled at me, “Don't block traffic!” I looked at him and he smiled again as I moved to the side of the street.

This same young man had reported a practitioner last year. People are awakening to the truth. We have to remember to keep very strong righteous thoughts all the time when distributing materials in person. The righteous thoughts should be sufficient to cover a field of several hundred or a thousand people.

During the latter half of 2013, I thought that no one was distributing our pamphlets and that fellow practitioners were focusing on making money instead of clarifying the truth. I then tried to coordinate several practitioners to distribute the pamphlets together.

I thought that only four would come, but on the night that they were to go out, eight practitioners showed up. I was very touched and saw my shortcoming immediately: Things were not what I thought – it's not that practitioners didn't want to distribute materials; it was because I didn't do a good job in coordination!

We distribute our truth-clarification materials as far as 30 miles away. We often revisit our distribution areas to make sure that the materials have not been wasted or discarded.


Our truth-clarification materials site has been in operation for 10 years without disruption. We owe this to Master's compassionate protection and to the good cooperation among fellow practitioners.

We all look inward when conflicts arise. We haven't left any gaps for a long time. Everyone cooperated well and elevated together as a group.

We will advance more diligently and return Master's blessings by saving more sentient beings, through righteous thoughts and righteous actions.

Thank you, Master!Thank you, fellow practitioners!