(Minghui.org) Greetings, Master! Greetings, fellow practitioners!

I believe in Master and the Fa, and I've often felt that Master is right next to me. When I become selfless, my righteous thoughts get stronger. Here I would like to share some of my experiences in my cultivation and in saving people.

1. Successfully Rescuing Practitioners

(1) Police Join Our Efforts to Release a Practitioner

I was working at my job in town when I was told that a fellow practitioner had been illegally arrested. I immediately left work and hurried back to my village.

I went with other practitioners to see the village leader, and clarified truth about the persecution of Falun Gong. He was very sympathetic, and wrote a letter saying that the arrested practitioner was a good person.

I accompanied the parents of the arrested practitioner to the police station's Domestic Security Division, which was handling the case. As soon as we walked in, I immediately recognized a police officer who had tried to arrest me a few years prior. When he looked at me,he said, "You look familiar." As I looked at him I sent strong righteous thoughts, and said, “Yes, we've met before.” However, he didn't seem to remember who I was, and walked away.

When we found the chief of the Domestic Security Division I told him how this family of three generations had been persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). I said that the practitioner cultivates Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, and is a good person. He had been tortured so badly in a forced labor camp that he suffered a mental collapse. After his release, he resumed practicing Falun Gong, and recovered.

This innocent man has now been unlawfully arrested again. The practitioner's mother is also a practitioner. She told the chief, “Good deeds are always rewarded, and evil will always be punished.”

"You have to do something about this injustice," I told him. "Or else these two elderly people won't leave. They haven't been able to sleep since their son's arrest. Their family has already been through so much. They simply can't take any more. You must help them."

I sent righteous thoughts to eliminate all the negative substances. Something we said touched the chief, and he said, "All right. You can go speak to the person who made the arrest."

We went to the police station and found the officer who made the arrest. I said to him, "This morning I took a bus here. Some of the passengers asked me why I was in such a hurry. I told them that an innocent man had been arrested because of his belief in Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. The passengers said, 'Falun Gong practitioners are good people! Bad people try to benefit themselves by harming good people!'"

I told the police officer, "See, young man, people know what's right. Are you proud of yourself for doing such things?" The officer suddenly covered his face, and he almost cried, "I didn't know it. You need to talk to the head of the police station. I'll try to speak to him about this too."

I found the head of the police station and told him what this practitioner had already been through. He said, "You said he had a mental breakdown when he was in a forced labor camp. He can get an evaluation from the mental hospital. We need a reason to release him."

Local practitioners continued sending righteous thoughts, and we also exposed this persecution on the Minghui website. Feeling the pressure, the chief of the Domestic Security Division blamed the police who arrested him, and returned the case to the local police station.

The police station head told me that the mental evaluation would take place the next day. When I told him I would come, he wasn't happy, and said, "The officials don't want you there." I said, "I must be there. If something is wrong, it'll be easier for us to communicate. I know you must be under pressure from your superiors, and so you're upset."

His attitude immediately changed. He said, "I'll go to the detention center to get him tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. You can wait at the mental hospital."

I knew we should be there beforehand to clear the environment, so two practitioners and I went there early the next morning. After we sent righteous thoughts for more than two hours we could feel the surrounding dimensional field clear up.

When the police car came, the police head, vice head, police investigator, and the driver all got out, but the practitioner remained inside. The head told us, "Go inside the car and talk to him. Make sure he tells the same story that you told me. We will succeed today."

We sat down inside the car. The practitioner looked terrible. I asked him, "Do you understand what's happening?" He was confused, and said, "It's my old classmate helping me, isn't it?" I said, "It's Master who is helping you! All the other practitioners are sending righteous thoughts for you!" We encouraged him. After two weeks of abuse, his righteous thoughts were not strong. Despite everything, with our group effort the rescue still went smoothly. Master is watching our thoughts!

I had earlier noticed police officers carrying gifts from the car. It looked like they were trying to bribe the director of the mental hospital. I decided to pay for their lunches.

When I gave the police head 300 yuan, he said, "So little? You know we spent 3000 yuan to buy those gifts!" He walked away with the money, looking unhappy.

I suddenly realized that the police were trying to reduce their responsibility by paying some money, but if I gave him money, it would damage him. I said in my heart, "I was wrong, Master! What should I do to save the situation? Don't let these police officers commit more crimes because of my mistake!" I felt deep regret. When the police head came back, he said, "I want to return the money to you. The person I tried to bribe won't be able to help." The vice head walked over to me and said, "You better hurry and try to find some other help. It looks like it didn't go well."

I took the 300 yuan back, and was so grateful to merciful Master. I said to the two officers, "No need to look for other help. He'll be able to get out." Both of them came closer and said quietly, "You got another person to help?" I said, "No I haven't, but we'll succeed, I'm sure." At that time, the dimensional field was very bright. The two officers seemed to have forgotten what happened, and they walked back into the hospital.

A short time later, the police head hurried out and shouted excitedly, "Success! Success! We can release him tomorrow morning!"

The next morning we took the practitioner home. We firmly told the police, including the head, that they should not participate in the persecution in the future. They said, "That's right. Whoever arrests practitioners gets bad luck!"

(2) Chief of Domestic Security Division Released Practitioner

An elderly female practitioner was arrested several years ago, while distributing truth clarification materials, and her "case" was sent from the local police station to the Domestic Security Division.

Her daughter, also a practitioner, went there with a few other practitioners to clarify the truth and demand her mother's release. But the chief of the Domestic Security Division refused to listen, and ordered them to leave. The chief reported the case to the city-level police station. The elderly practitioner was illegally sentenced to a forced labor camp. The local practitioners were quite disappointed. However, since the sentence was already issued, they saw no point to going again to demand she be released. I felt that we shouldn't allow the chief of the Domestic Security Division to continue committing crimes.

During that period of time, the police repeatedly came to my home to harass me. I decided to calmly study the Fa and improve my cultivation state. I read five or six lectures in Zhuan Falun every day, plus Master's other new lectures. I sent righteous thoughts for more than an hour each time.

A week later, I felt my cultivation state had improved. I had a dream, where a group of police officers were guarding a crossing and wouldn't let anyone pass through. When I walked towards them, they tried to stop me. I said, "Freeze!" and they all stood there, frozen. I continued walking. Several other officers came up and wanted to beat me. I said "Freeze" again, and they froze with their hands in the air. When I woke up, I more firmly believed that the power of Dafa disciples has no bounds, and nothing could stop me.

Some practitioners were worried about me, and said, "The police just came to your home. Is it safe for you to go?" I said, "Yes I can go." I went with the practitioner's daughter to the Domestic Security Division chief's office. He hid from us, but we waited there and sent righteous thoughts. A police officer came in and asked who we were looking for. He told us the chief was in another small room. We found him hiding there.

I explained to him why we had come. He said angrily, "Don't look at me! You go look for the CCP!" I said, "Individual people are in charge of carrying out the CCP's orders. Aren't you one of those?" I was sending righteous thoughts as I spoke. I then softened my tone and said, "Don't get angry. It must be fated that we've met you today."

I asked him, “What crime could an old lady commit?” He yelled, “She's bringing down the CCP!” I asked, “You mean a little old lady can bring down the CCP?” He laughed. He found it ridiculous himself.

I said, "She hasn't broken any laws. Now she's detained and no one is home to take care of her elderly husband." I said to him very seriously, "You should do something good, being in your position!"

We kept sending righteous thoughts, while the other practitioners were sending righteous thoughts outside. Suddenly the chief grabbed the phone and said, "Okay I'll make a call. You listen." He called the labor camp and told them that the old lady's husband was ill, her family needed her, and her children were standing there. The person from the labor camp said, "That's easy. She hasn't been sent here yet. Today is Friday. When she's sent here on Monday, I can easily make up an excuse to release her. I'll claim she has high blood pressure."

After he put the phone down, the chief said, "You need to wait until next Monday."

On the following Monday, the chief called us, and told us to have her family members come to pick her up. After being detained for a month, the practitioner was free.

(to be continued)