(Minghui.org) I began practicing Falun Gong a few days before the persecution, but soon stopped. I only started again after I went to live with my son in southern China to help take care of his child in 2010.

My son had just bought a new home, and was in the process of decorating it when I arrived there. I went to a store to help buy some things for him, and ran into one of his neighbor's there. She told me how nicely her apartment was furnished, and asked me to go and see it.

I went to the neighbor's home and she gave me a tour. When we went into her room, I saw a talisman hanging on the wall. I shouted in excitement: “I have found it! I have finally found it!” When she asked me what I had found, I pointed to the talisman and said, “I have found the Fa.”

My illnesses had made my life miserable. I had problems with my liver, stomach and shoulder, and had high blood pressure and severe headaches. I had to get up during the night to take medicine when the pain was too severe. I wanted to begin practicing Falun Gong again, but I didn't know any practitioners in the area. Master saw my heart in wanting to start practicing again and helped me find a local practitioner. I was able to join their Fa-study group and go out with others to clarify the facts.

I was looking for some clothes one time, and had one foot on an end table and the other on the bed, when suddenly, the end table turned over. I fell down and lost consciousness. My head and leg were badly bruised and part of my back was cut, so I couldn't straighten it. My son and daughter-in-law were very worried and wanted to take me to the hospital. However, I told them that I would be fine. I sent forth righteous thoughts and did the exercises. Miraculously, I recovered the next day.

Through this incident, both my son and daughter-in-law witnessed the wonderfulness of Dafa, and now support my cultivation practice. They used to oppose me practicing because they were scared of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Clarifying the facts to my husband

When I was no longer needed to take care of my grandchild, I went back home. My husband mentioned that I was a totally different person then before, and that I looked healthy and full of energy. Although my husband saw the positive changes in me after I began practicing, he still believed in the lies fabricated by the Party. He was also scared that I would be arrested if I went out to talk to people about Falun Gong, and so he tried to stop me. Several incidents later helped him to change his thinking.

The first incident had to do with one of my husband's friends who was in the late stages of liver cancer. My husband and I went to visit him at the hospital. He was in a lot of pain. I took a DVD player with me and asked him to watch Master's 9-day lecture series. I told him about how people with serious illnesses had recovered after they began practicing Falun Gong, and how I became healthy again after I became a practitioner. When I went to see him the next day he was no longer in pain, and it wasn’t long before he was able to leave the hospital.

The second incident was with my father-in-law's care-taker, who was in her 40s. I told her about Falun Gong and gave her a talisman. She agreed that Dafa is good and quit the CCP. When she later went to work at a company, a fire broke out in her workplace, and three women she worked with were burned to death. That day, she wasn't in the office because she was told to do something else. After the incident she told me: “This Fa is amazing and can save your life. Just the way you told me.”

The third incident that occurred really changed my husband's opinion of Falun Gong. It was related to the several car accidents that we were involved in, but each time I escaped injury free. Each time, the taxi drivers were very scared, and the car was wrecked. I took the opportunity to clarify the facts to them, told them to quit the CCP and to recite, “Falun Dafa is good.”

My husband was in a car accident twice and was unscathed both times. Since then, he has stopped interfering with the Dafa projects that I'm involved in.

Validating the Fa

Master said:

“But for you, disciples of Dafa, you cannot let up in what you need to do—namely, the three tasks. By all means, you mustn’t. Nothing less than your mighty virtue, your cultivation, and all that you shoulder is bound up in these.” (“Dafa Disciples Must Study the Fa - Fa Teaching Given at the 2011 Washington DC Metro Area Fa Conference”)

I try my best to catch up with the progress of Fa rectification and save sentient beings. I normally distribute truth clarification materials where there are many people. I also deliver materials door-to-door. While handing out truth clarification materials, I'm not afraid. Master said:

“Should you have fear, it will seize upon you If thoughts are righteous, evil will collapse The cultivator’s mind is loaded with Fa Send righteous thoughts, and rotten demons explode Gods walk the earth, validating the Fa” (“What's to Fear” from Hong Yin II)

I have met many different types of people over the years, including those who have made rude remarks, or tore up the materials in front of me.

Somebody once said to me: “Aren't you afraid that I will report you to the authorities? You dare to distribute these during the day!” I calmly replied: “We should control our own fates. It is a blessing for people to be able to see these truth clarification materials.” A woman at the scene gave me a thumbs up and said she wasn't afraid to take a copy. I knew that Master was encouraging me through her words.

One time, I was distributing Shen Yun DVDs on a bus, and many passengers rushed over to grab a copy. The driver then asked if I could leave some on the bus for other passengers.

Another time, I went over to some people chatting on the street and handed them Shen Yun DVDs and other truth clarification materials. Most people gladly took one, but one man tore up a flyer after I gave it to him. He didn’t even give it to any of the others when they asked for it. I was very sad to see this.

I once met people working on a construction site. I knew that I had to let them know about Falun Gong, and went over to talk to them. Most of them listened to what I said and accepted my materials. They then thanked me.

In one day, I can give out more than 60 Shen Yun DVDs and truth clarification calendars. Many people in my area know me, and tell me that I am bringing good things to them whenever they see me.

My clothes are always neat and tidy when I go to talk to people. I always greet them in a friendly way and smile when I talk to them. My mind is very focused and I don't have many human concepts. This is such a good Fa, I know that I shouldn't hide at home, but clarify the facts in an open and dignified manner.

I only have one wish, which is to save more people and quickly. Master said:

“Of course, success for Dafa disciples is not simply a matter of self-liberation, and it was not for themselves that they came here. Rather, they shoulder the mission of saving sentient beings.” (“2012 International Fa Conference at the U.S. Capital”)

There is not much time left. We should really seize the time and cherish this rare opportunity to cultivate ourselves. I am determined to let go of all my human attachments, study the Fa, do the three things well and live up to Master's compassionate salvation.

Please kindly point out anything inappropriate.