(Minghui.org) The following are true stories that took place in Tumen City, a small town east of Jilin Province, China.

Retiree with Cancer Quits the CCP and Recovers

Li, a retired man, who was almost 60 years old, contracted liver cancer five years ago. He spent a lot of time and money searching for a cure, but all in vain. His wife found Dayuan, a Falun Dafa practitioner, to help them. Dayuan asked Li to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations and to recite “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” Li did that and soon his liver recovered. A doctor had told him that he would not live longer than three months, yet he has been healthy for the past several years.

Public Servant Refuses to Quit the CCP and Dies of Cancer

Yan Tian, a public servant was diagnosed with severe hepatitis, also five years ago. Dayuan asked Yan to quit the CCP and its affiliates. Yan was furious and said, “You not only practice Falun Dafa, but are also against the CCP! The CCP gives us jobs, wages, and great lives!” Dayuan smiled and replied, “The CCP does not work and has no money. Its money comes from us common people, who work hard everyday. Thanks to the CCP, corrupt officials have taken almost all the money from our state enterprises and consequently many of us are out of a job. Many people were forced to go to Korea to find jobs and many have to work odd jobs.” Yan yelled, “I won't listen!” In the fall of 2012, Yan's hepatitis turned into liver cancer and he died soon thereafter.

Old Man Quits CCP After Learning the Truth

An old man, who retired from the City Standing Commission, met Dayuan in 2010 and complained how corrupt the CCP was. Dayuan told him the truth about the persecution of Falun Dafa and said, “The CCP is digging its own grave and you must quit it now, so that you will not be implicated. Regarding the fees you paid, look at it as being stolen.” The old man laughed and quit the CCP, and from then on he lived a happy and healthy retired life.

Official Scared to Quit the CCP, Loses Wife and Son and Dies as a Sad Old Man

Huang is an old man, who knew a city commissioner. When Dayuan told him the truth, Huang said, “The CCP is keeping a close eye on us and the city's 610 Office has a lot of informants. I am scared to quit the CCP. I don't want to lose my big house and high salary. I don't want to live a terrified life. I won't quit the CCP.” Not long after he made that comment, his son died of an illness, and his wife soon died because of extreme sorrow. After a while, Huang died a sad man.

Woman Quits the CCP and Becomes Healthy and Happy

Ms. Pu complained to Dayuan in the spring of 2011, “I am so unfortunate, I am always sick and cannot make money for the business I work at.” Dayuan told her, “You quit the Young Pioneers, but then you joined the CCP, so you are asking for trouble!” Pu said, “My supervisor wanted me to join the CCP and push up the number of members.” Dayuan replied, “In the past, a person had to go through a two-year observation period, before one was allowed to join the CCP. Now they just want people to join no matter what. The CCP is just trying to bump up the number of its members to embolden itself. I will help you quit the CCP again.” Pu left happily. In the past two years, Pu's job and life went very well, she became healthy, pretty, and everything went smoothly for her.

Retired Customs Official Believes in the CCP and Dies of a Stroke

A man who worked for the customs bureau lived not far away from Ms. Pu and he retired in 2006. His pension was high and he was very proud and told Dayuan that he lived a good life. Dayuan told him, “That money from the CCP won't cure your illness nor will it save your life. You should quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations and let god protect you from harm.” The man stared at Dayuan and accused him that he had cursed him and said, “I will report you to the police if you say that again.” A few months later in June 2006, the man saw Dayuan, who clarified the facts of the persecution to a person with the name Tang. He then told Tang not to listen to Dayuan, “He (Dayuan) is against the CCP and ungrateful for everything the CCP has given us.” Yet, Tang didn't listen to him. Half a year later, this man died of a stroke.