(Minghui.org) On the afternoon of August 23, 2013, 12 Falun Gong practitioners from Shenyang City were illegally arrested by the police at a practitioner's home and were detained at the Wulihe Police Station in the Shenhe District. Many of the arrested practitioners were elderly, and one was a high school student. According to information received, the Shenyang City Police Department planned the arrests in advance of the upcoming National Games in Shenyang City.

On the afternoon of August 23 between the hours of 1 and 4 p.m., officers from the Wulihe Police Station, Shenhe District arrested 12 Falun Gong practitioners who were studying the teachings of Falun Gong together at the home of practitioner Luo Fengying. The police detained the practitioners at the Wulihe Police Station. The police also ransacked the home of practitioner Li Jinqin around 3 p.m..

The 12 practitioners who were arrested mostly live in the Shenhe District and Shenbei New District. Their family members went to the Wulihe Police Station to request their release. The police refused to release the practitioners and denied any family visitation. The police said that the arrests were ordered by an upper level authority and they did not have authority to do anything about it. The arrests were planned and executed by the Shenyang City Police Department and the Domestic Security Division.

According to information received, the Wulihe Police Station was brightly lit for the entire night. A lot of police vehicles arrived, and groups of uniformed officials went in and out. The police also brought a police dog.

At around 1 a.m. the next morning, the police transferred the 12 practitioners out of the station in two groups. The practitioners' family members tried to stop the police, but the police still forcibly took the practitioners away. According to inside information, practitioner Li Jinqin (49 years old) and another practitioner were sent to the Shandongmiao Police Station. Practitioners An Xiuying (84 years old), Luo Fengying (78 years old) and her granddaughter (a high school student) were still being detained at the Wulihe Police Station. A group of practitioners were sent to the Binhe Police Station. Later, according to the Shandongmiao Police Station, several practitioners were also sent to the Maluwan Police Station.

By the afternoon of August 24, practitioners Pang Shulan (78 years old), Wan Xiulan (74 years old), An Xiuying (84 years old) and Luo Fengying's granddaughter were released. Practitioners Li Yihong (56 years old), Liu Yanhui (63 years old) and Li Yingqin (49 years old) were transferred and subsequently detained at the Shenyang City Detention Center after a physical examination. Luo Fengying (78 years old) was sent to the hospital that night for a physical examination, and her current situation is unknown. The other practitioners' situations are also still unknown.

According to information received, the Shenyang City Police Department planned the arrests in advance of the National Games in Shenyang City and Chinese Communist Party head Xi Jinping's scheduled visit to the Shenyang City Machine Tool Factory on August 29. A deputy police chief (ID 10007) personally oversaw the arrests. The Wulihe Police Station, Shandongmiao Police Station, Binhe Police Station and Maluwan Police Station participated in the arrests, detentions and interrogation of the practitioners. The Wanlian Police Station may also be involved.

Personnel and agencies involved:

Yi, chief, Wulihe Police Station: 86-24-2389375
Guo, director, Binhe Police Station: 86-24-24813076
Cui Ning, Binhe Police Station: 86-24-24813076
Shandongmiao Police Station: 86-24-22821726, 86-24-22824286
Maluwan Police Station: 86-24-23867965
Wanlian Police Station: 86-24-24802925
Shenyang City Detention Center: 86-24-89241895, 86-24-89241894, 86-24-89248084
Wang Xiaogang, deputy director, Shenyang City Police Department: 86-24-2310583
Shenyang City Domestic Security Division: 86-24-25850233, 24-23105832842260, 24-231058324844574, 24-231058324850789
Ma Lixin, captain, Shenyang City Domestic Security Division
Liu Xin, deputy chief, Shenyang City Domestic Security Division
Shenhe District Police Department: 86-24-24844572
Zhou, deputy chief, Shenhe District Domestic Security Division
Shenhe District CCP Politics and Legal Affairs Committee: 86-24-24846859
Shenyang City 610 Office: 86-24-25842329