(Minghui.org) Master said, “With people who really do have health problems, 70% of it is psychological and 30% physical.” (The Sixth Talk, Zhuan Falun)

I came to realize that psychology can play both a positive and negative role. If a person has righteous thoughts, the field around him will be positive, and this positive energy can resolve any evil energy.

My father is in his 70s. He practiced Falun Gong for a few months in 1994. He saw Master in person in Beijing when Zhuan Falun was first published. However, he wrote notes in Zhuan Falun when he read it. He stopped practicing later. Sometimes he said that Falun Gong was good, but other times he followed the CCP propaganda. I kept telling him the facts of Falun Gong again and again.

However, during the past ten years, time and again, my father's misfortune turned into good fortune. I knew it was because he had listened to Master's lectures in person and also because I practice Falun Gong. I'd like to share a few examples.

1: A van knocked my father down and dragged him more than three meters. The driver and several bystanders wanted to get him to the hospital. However, he didn't feel he had been injured so he let the driver leave. The bystanders took the van's license plate number for him.

2: Several times my dad fell when he was just standing, but he wasn't injured and appeared to be fine. One winter evening he fell down after he got off the bus and lost consciousness. After about 10 minutes, he regained consciousness and walked home by himself without any discomfort.

3: My father was depressed for a long time after my mother passed away. One day I dreamed that my father was walking on a stone bridge, and there was no expression on his face. I heard someone say that the bridge led to hell. I hurried up to him and stopped him. I asked him where he was going. He said to Changping, a place close to Beijing where many historical tombs are located. I told him not to go.

The next morning I called and he said he had bought a ticket to his sister's house. I tried to stop him but he would not listen to me. That afternoon he told me he canceled the trip because a fortuneteller chased after him and told him that his life would be in danger if he went.

During the following days he was anxious and restless. I told him the facts of Falun Gong and the principles of Falun Gong. He listened carefully and said listening to me helped him calm down. After he read Zhuan Falun three times, he finally calmed down.

4: I went on a business trip once, and my eyes started twitching uncontrollably. I sent forth righteous thoughts but it would not stop. I started to worry about my father and another fellow practitioner who didn't feel well. I realized my concern for them could be used by the old forces as an excuse to persecute them. I understood that Master's arrangements are the best. I let go of my attachments. When I returned home two days later, my father told me that while I was away, the gas stove caught on fire. He reached into the fire and closed the gas valve with his hand. It was very dangerous. However, his hands were not burned at all. I knew it was Dafa's magnificent power.

My dad experienced so many incredible things, but he still sometimes complained about Dafa. Because he listened to the Party's propaganda and therefore sometimes had a negative attitude towards Dafa, his health was affected. Although I repeatedly told him the facts of Dafa many times, he still did not have a correct understanding.

Whenever my father had bad thoughts or did not feel well, I would talk to him about Falun Dafa and the persecution as though he hadn't heard it before. He gradually changed his attitude towards Dafa and became righteous.

My father is only an ordinary person. Time and again he survived accidents, so what about us practitioners? The illusions of sickness karma are a result of our recognition of the old forces' arrangements. If your thoughts are those of ordinary people, the old forces will have an opening to interfere with you. If your thoughts are on Dafa, you will not give them opportunities to interfere with you.

As soon as some fellow practitioners don't feel well, their attachment of fear is immediately stirred up. Then their righteous thoughts become weak. If their health doesn't improve after a while, they are no longer firm in their cultivation and their thoughts become chaotic. Once their belief in Dafa is shaken, the old forces use this as their excuse to persecute them.

When I saw my father and other fellow practitioners feeling “sick,” I would strengthen their righteous thoughts. I knew only this way could I help them pass the tribulation.

Please correct me if I said anything wrong.