(Minghui.org) During the past 15 years, both my husband and I have experienced numerous miracles from our practice of Falun Dafa. One thing in particular still brings me to tears every time I think of it. Thanks to Master's protection, my husband not only survived a terrible car accident, but also completely recovered without any complications. The doctors who predicted he'd either die or remain mentally challenged for the rest of his life were left in awe of Falun Dafa's power.

Below I share the story with everyone as a token of our deepest appreciation to Master, the founder of Falun Dafa.

On that fateful day, my husband rode our motorcycle somewhere far away to install a New Tang Dynasty Television receiver for a new customer. He was still not home after 7 p.m., which was unusual. Then a neighbor came looking for me. His face was pale and his lips quivered as he spoke to me. I had a gut feeling that something was terribly wrong. He told me that my husband had been hit by a car in front of a grocery store and had just been taken to a local hospital.

When I rushed to the hospital, I saw the hallway crowded with onlookers. My husband lay on a stretcher with blank eyes and a bruised face. He was covered in dirt, and blood kept oozing out of his nose and ears.

This local hospital refused to admit him, citing his critical condition, so we called “120” (China's equivalent of 911) to have him taken to the City Emergency Center. The ER doctors insisted I sign paperwork releasing them from responsibility should my husband die on the way to the center. I calmly honored their request.

My husband's left collarbone was crushed, and he also had fractures in his ribs, legs, and arms. More frightening was the fact that his skull was fractured and there was severe hemorrhaging in his brain. Blood was still coming out of his ears, and there was a fist-sized bump on his head. The Center doctors warned me that my husband could die at any time. They feared he'd become mentally disabled and need long-term hospitalization even if he managed to survive.

Two police officers suddenly showed up at my husband's hospital bed close to midnight and demanded to see his driver's license. One of them then bent down to sniff his breath.

Before we figured out what was happening, the officers turned around and shouted to two people, “Come sniff his breath yourselves! He wasn't drinking!”

It turned out that the police were shouting at the two drivers who had knocked my husband down! They had fled the scene and reported to the police that my husband was driving his motorcycle drunk and had hit them first.

My neighbor was infuriated and said to the drivers, “Your behavior is inexcusable. Not only did you not help your victim, but you also blamed him. Lucky you! Both your victim and his wife practice Falun Dafa; otherwise you would have gotten quite a beating!”

The officers said to the drivers, “According to the traffic laws, you're responsible for all your victim's medical expenses. Both your car and his motorcycle will be kept at the police station until he is discharged from the hospital. You also need to pay 40 yuan deposit per day for the vehicles.”

Despite all the commotion, I remained calm since I knew Master was taking care of us.

My husband remained in a coma until the next morning. When I asked if he remembered to seek Master's help, he gestured to me that he did.

We declined when the doctors came prepared to put a cast on my husband's leg. I said in my heart, “Master, please help us. We do not acknowledge any of this.” I sent forth righteous thoughts and immediately felt Falun spinning rapidly over my head for about five minutes. I encouraged my husband to walk to the restroom by himself. He indeed went and came back all by himself.

Later that day, to everyone's surprise, we asked that he be discharged. One young medical professional came over and said, “You're new, and I don't know you well. If I did, I'd give you a beating so that you would realize how severe your husband's injuries are. A couple of days ago a patient with injuries similar to your husband's got carried in, only to be carried out dead two hours later. The drivers are going to pay for all his medical expenses--I'd say stay put until your husband gets well.”

The doctors strongly objected to our request, fearing we'd sue them should my husband die at home. We told them we were Falun Dafa practitioners and would never make trouble for them. They didn't believe us and insisted we sign a waiver.

The liable drivers also hurried in when they heard about our decision to check out of the hospital. We assured them we'd never sue them.

Upon returning home, I cleaned my husband's head and changed his clothes. I looked him over carefully and saw that his head was a mess, and his legs and arms were covered with bruises and bumps. Because of the hemorrhaging, his swollen head hurt tremendously. At times he couldn't think clearly and had trouble understanding things. A slight move still caused blood to run out of his ears.

Many of our relatives from out of town came to see us, urging us to go back to the hospital and vowing to go after the drivers on our behalf. I calmed them down one by one.

My younger sister, a physician of several decades, was especially stubborn. She said to me, “You don't know medicine. My brother-in-law's brain was injured. That's the most critical part of the body. With so much hemorrhaging, death or mental disability are the only two possible outcomes. You have to believe in science.”

I replied, “You know I used to suffer from various diseases and even you gave up on treating me. I totally recovered after practicing Falun Dafa though. I believe in science, the science that transcends human knowledge. Only Master can save my husband. There is simply no other choice.”

Not a single day passed that my husband and I didn't read Dafa books, practice the exercises, or send forth righteous thoughts. With fractures in his arms, my husband had trouble lifting his arms when doing the exercises. But he never gave up and kept trying. In less than a week, he could move his arms up and down. Two weeks later he was back working in the fields.

My husband totally recovered without any complications in no more than a month. He was clearheaded and able to do all the farm work.

One day we were working in the fields when a fellow villager shouted from afar, “Look who's working over there!” When the other villagers saw it was my husband, they couldn't believe their eyes.

Nobody expected my husband to survive that terrible car accident. The grocery store owner said that he and his friends were playing Mahjong when they heard a big bang outside. When they ran out of the store, they saw someone lying face down on the ground. The store owner turned the man over and recognized my husband.

Everyone, from the doctors to onlookers to friends and family, all said Falun Dafa was simply miraculous and that Master had saved my husband from death.

After witnessing what happened to my husband, all my relatives became totally convinced of Falun Dafa's power. My husband's sister-in-law told people about his recovery, and her friends were all amazed. Later some of them exclaimed, “Falun Dafa is good!” when they ran into us.

My physician sister finally believed in the extraordinary power of Falun Dafa, and she began to read Zhuan Falun as well.

One of the drivers lives in our town, yet he never visited us after we returned home. Everyone was outraged, but we were not upset at all.

At the time of the accident, this driver was still unmarried and his family sighed, “You're done for! Don't ever dream you can save enough money to get married now. How much money do you have to pay to your victim?!”

Now the young man is married with a little daughter.

People often asked how much money we got from him, and we said none. When we told everyone that Falun Dafa taught us to be considerate of others and they all commented the young man was lucky to have met us, I replied, “It is Falun Dafa that is good and it is Master that is merciful.”

We again thank Master for his immense grace!