(Minghui.org) I have observed a common problem with the thinking of practitioners both inside and outside of China. Some practitioners hope that the Fa-rectification will end soon. This type of thinking is dependent on an outcome.

Dependence Can Lead to “Transformation”

Some of the practitioners who have been “transformed” through torture and brainwashing by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) hold the thoughts, “Why hasn't the Fa-rectification ended? I have sacrificed and suffered so much. Master said that the duration of Fa-rectification was finite. However, there's no sign that it will end soon.”

This thinking is quite far from what a practitioner should think about, and these thoughts will affect the momentum of a practitioner's cultivation. In essence, one is hoping that Master will endure all the hardship for us, while we simply wait to enjoy the success of the Fa-rectification.

There are practitioners who have not been "transformed" who also think this way, but the extent varies and the strength differs.

We all know that Master has endured so much for sentient beings. We will never know the extent of his sacrifice and endurance. Master's compassion and enormity is beyond words.

When we truly understand how difficult and serious Fa-rectification cultivation is, we know we must maintain steadfast faith and strong willpower.

We will advance as a group with fewer hurdles when we are righteous and use the Fa as our guide.

How Dependence Manifests

Bottlenecks in projects usually occur when practitioners are dependent on others, instead of stepping up to the plate themselves. This usually delays xinxing improvement and the progress of cultivation as a group.

Dependence comes from lack of a clear understanding of the Fa.

At a certain level, dependence on the efforts of other practitioners stems from the same attachment as feeling disturbed when our own ideas are not adopted. The same is true to some degree when we stick to our own ideas or can't seem to determine what to do.

I feel that we experience dependency because we don't fully believe in Master, and don't believe that we are able to eliminate the evil.

Don't Focus on Our Own Abilities

When I face difficulties, I try to actively think of solutions. I ask Master for support.

I know that I need to cultivate myself well so I have the wisdom to tell righteousness from evil. I also know that I should always remember that I came here to save people.

I no longer think about my own abilities. I simply treat the Fa as the Master. When I think of an approach, I evaluate what I should or should not do based on the Fa. When I discover mistakes, I rectify myself and resume my efforts. Master helps me along the way. My life is a lot easier when I do things based on the Fa.