(Minghui.org) On August 31 and September 1, about 200 Falun Dafa coordinators from around Taiwan gathered in Taichung for an experience sharing session. They studied the Fa together and shared their cultivation experiences so that they could improve together and encourage one another on their cultivation path.

Looking Within is the Fa Weapon

Practitioner A shared this experience: One day A and B had a quarrel and went to C to ask for his opinion. C said, “Just a second, let me look within and see if I have an attachment somewhere.” Both A and B understood that what went wrong was their xinxing at the moment. They stopped quarreling and dropped being angry at each other.

Practitioner D said that in the process of coordinating, he unknowingly began to judge other practitioners and wanted to point out their shortcomings. The results were often the opposite of what D intended. Later on D stopped being attached to other practitioners' attachments. He understood that they made mistakes because they did not have a good understanding of the Fa. D changed his focus and started to believe in other practitioners and anticipate that one day they would all improve together in the Fa.

Practitioner E felt that his cultivation state has everything to do with his role as a coordinator. That is, if he did not cultivate well, it was likely that he would impede the progress of the projects carried out by the group. During the past five months, he had not been healthy and even stopped breathing at night several times. E looked within and realized that he had not been doing the Falun Gong exercises with other practitioners for a long time and that he'd stopped regularly participating in making truth-clarification phone calls to China. His health did not improve by just studying the Fa more. After E corrected the shortcomings in his practice, his health improved, and more practitioners joined the project that he was coordinating.

Practitioner F said that there have been unnecessary emotions between various practitioners. The fear of starting a conflict prevented some practitioners from sharing in any depth. This easily caused losses in validating the Fa. F also shared that when we see that other practitioners do not speak or act based on the Fa, (besides our first looking within) we need to speak up and remind them compassionately, without being attached to the result.

Believing in Teacher and the Fa

A practitioner from Eastern Taiwan told how a 74-year-old practitioner in her neighborhood often drove her moped 90 minutes to meet with other practitioners and share with them. She could not read or speak Mandarin. It took two years for her to finish reading the book Zhuan Falun. When she came across words she did not know, she asked her children, grandchildren, or neighbors for help.

One day this practitioner found two tumors on her legs. She paid no attention to them and continued to do the three things. Those tumors later disappeared. Another time she saw a pool of blood underneath her after she meditated. She was a bit scared, but then quickly told herself that it was not a big deal. The next day after she meditated, she found blood again. She realized that her period had come, just as is mentioned in Zhuan Falun [that older women will regain their period after practicing Falun Gong].

A practitioner from Southern Taiwan said that a local practitioner was struck by a car head-on when he was riding a motor scooter. The two vehicles crashed and he was thrown into the air. He had one thought before he landed: “It'll be fine.” The other driver came over to him, wanting to take him to a hospital, but he refused. The other driver fixed his scooter, and the practitioner went to the practice site to do the exercises. He recovered completely in two days.

A practitioner in Northern Taiwan said that a young practitioner had abdominal infection with severe swelling and inflammation. However, he firmly believed in the Fa and Teacher, and told his mother not to do anything for him. His righteous thoughts helped him miraculously recover.

A Humble Attitude

Practitioner G said that it was a coordinator's responsibility to help other practitioners to improve as one body. However, human notions often turned this sense of responsibility into wanting to preach to others. He understood that a coordinator must not put himself above other practitioners. Rather, he should humbly put himself among other practitioners and walk steadfastly with other practitioners every step of the way. On the other hand, it is also wrong for a coordinator to not share with other practitioners out of fear of making a mistake. This is not doing the sacred job Teacher intended for coordinators.

A practitioner from Southern Taiwan often pointed out other practitioners' mistakes right away. After other practitioners reminded her that she shouldn't be like that, she then would not speak up for a long time. After she watched the videotape of Master's lecture to Australian practitioners, she was impressed with how compassionate Teacher was when He pointed out practitioners' faults. From then on she asked herself to eliminate the unkindness from her heart and to remind fellow practitioners of any shortcomings with real kindness.