(Minghui.org) It has already been eight months since elements of the government started interfering with the truth clarification stations in Hong Kong. Why has this gone on for so long? I'd like to talk a little about it.

Firstly, since the problem is still occurring, it may mean that Hong Kong Dafa practitioners, including each of us, have not done very well in cultivation as a whole. Practitioners still appear to have very strong attachments to fear, selfishness, and seeking comfort, which renders them unable to deal with the situation in a righteous way. When a truth clarification station was attacked or interfered with, very few practitioners went to support those at the station.

Secondly, there may be significant gaps in the overall coordination of Hong Kong practitioners. In my opinion, the biggest problem is that there are contradictions and different opinions between practitioners and the Falun Dafa Association. I hope that all practitioners can cultivate within themselves, and consider problems with compassionate minds, as well as from other people's point of view. It could be hard for us to understand things as we were not the ones who made the decision at the time, especially when each person has his or her own ideas about how things should be managed. Under these circumstances, how could we develop the strength of a united group?

On the other hand, those responsible for making decisions should place themselves among all practitioners and seek to understand other practitioners' viewpoints instead of holding themselves aloof. In the U.S., one coordinator reads Essentials for Further Advancement once a month to help identify his own problems, and to to improve his behavior. I think this is a good example. For instance, in the last few months, practitioners guarding truth clarification stations have faced much pressure, and are working hard in doing their own Dafa cultivation.

Some fellow practitioner asked, “Where have Hong Kong practitioners been”? Hong Kong has very few practitioners, and most of them have taken part in news reporting, leaving fewer practitioners to take care of truth clarification stations. Hong Kong practitioners need fellow practitioners from out of town to support them all year long. We were previously at the truth clarification stations for just a few hours per day, but since the interference began, we need people guarding the stations around the clock.

It has been tough for those who work at night--especially after midnight--making it difficult to find practitioners during the daytime. Lately there have been very few practitioners, or even only one person available at each truth clarification station because they got tired both mentally and physically under pressure from the trouble-makers interfering with the stations. I therefore hope that more practitioners will come to support truth clarification stations, even by sending forth righteous thoughts.

Many practitioners, especially those from the mainland, have recently written good articles to share with Hong Kong practitioners. We can see from those articles that we have fallen behind in cultivation. They also mentioned that we have tolerated the interference too much. Many suggestions were given to us, including legal action.

I believe that Hong Kong practitioners should all come together to think about what attachments we have. What sort of gaps in cultivation should we eliminate? As Dafa practitioners, what should we do in the face of such evil? Once we truly eliminate personal attachments and selfishness to become true particles of Dafa and safeguard Dafa, we will know how to fulfill our duties for sure!