Summary of Key Persecution Facts:

Name: Liu Daoquan (刘道权) Gender: Male Age: 43 Address: Unknown Occupation : Entrepreneur, founder of Chongqing Kaisi Molding Limited Corporation Date of Most Recent Arrest: April 9, 2013 Most Recent Place of Detention: Heling Detention Center (鹤苓看守所 ) City: Chongqing Persecution Suffered : Detention and denied visitation Key Persecutors: Li Deming(李德明)

Mr. Liu Daoquan, 43, is a resident of the Shapingba District in Chongqing. In 1998, after his workplace went bankrupt, he and a couple of his classmates jointly founded the Chongqing Sikai Molding Limited Corporation. The company expanded quickly, employing over a hundred people.

Police from the Shapingba District Domestic Security Division of Chongqing, including director Li Deming, illegally arrested Mr. Liu at home on April 9, 2013, because he practices Falun Gong.

Mr. Liu has been held at the Heling Detention Center in the Shapingba District for more than three months.

After Mr. Liu's family received the arrest notice from the Shapingba District Procuratorate in May, 2013, they hired two defense lawyers from Beijing for Mr. Liu. After much effort from the lawyers and his family, the Procuratorate dropped the case.

However, Li Deming has refused to release Mr. Liu.

Throughout Mr. Liu's detention term, his family has not been allowed to see him. His 11-year-old son keeps asking for his father.

Mr. Liu's parents call on the international community for help to rescue their son.