(Minghui.org) My name is Li Jia (pseudonym) and I have several childhood classmates who went through thick and thin with me. When I was seriously ill, it was my classmate who brought me Falun Dafa books and found a practice site for me. During 14 years of brutal persecution, it was my classmates who walked through the darkest times of terror with me. Now they all understand the truth and some have gradually walked into Dafa. (The names below are all pseudonyms)

In 1995, I had a serious illness and was bedridden. When I was suffering physically and mentally, my classmate Fang Qi came. She took out 2 books, Zhuan Falun and Falun Gong. She said, “Having worked in a bookstore for many years, there have not been such a large sales volume of any books, other than some sold during the Cultural Revolution and the annual primary and secondary textbooks. I don't know what's written in these books, but they're very popular. Since you have nothing to do while lying in bed, read them, and tell me about it after you have finished.” Thus, I started reading Zhuan Falun while I was bedridden. The introduction, Lunyu, immediately intrigued me, and I excitedly continued to read. Later, when I was able to walk, my classmate Shu Ping found a practice site in a nearby park for me. This is how I stepped onto the cultivation path and began practicing Falun Dafa.

The first two years after the persecution started, I was sent to a labor camp and my classmates asked someone to come to the labor camp and visit me. After returning home, I treated everyone to a meal. During the meal, Shu Ping raised her glass and toasted my husband. She said excitedly, “I thank you on behalf of all Li Jia's classmates! She was in trouble for so long and yet you treat her so well. We are all very moved. Thank you!” As she spoke, she started to cry. We all knew that at that time, whether it was Dafa disciples who were imprisoned or their family members at home, the evil perpetrators pressured everyone and forced husbands and wives to divorce practitioners, and tried to make them renounce their cultivation. Many spouses could not bear the intense pressure and threats, thus many families were broken apart, and my classmates were worried about me. My husband said, “We have all experienced the Cultural Revolution and we know what is going on.” My husband and I were very grateful that my classmates valued human nature and conscience.

That year, during the Chinese New Year period, the police came to arrest me. My blood pressure rose to 260 and I developed symptoms of severe coronary artery disease, thus the labor camp did not accept me. After returning home, my family was worried about my health and tried to take me to a hospital for a check-up.

Wei Wei came to visit me and wanted me to go to her hospital. She supervised electrocardiogram (ECG) and other detection equipment. She said that she would not feel at ease if anyone else examined me. In the hospital examination room, she measured me with each instrument and studied each list carefully. Finally, she shook her head and said emotionally, “Leave this ECG list with me. I can use it with the interns. Having worked for so many years, I have never seen such an accurate ECG!”

Looking at the two diagnostic sheets from less than one week apart, she did not know what to say: the first one showed that my condition was very serious, the later one showed that I was very healthy. How could there be such a big difference? Fortunately, she was relieved after checking it personally. She also told me, “My parents knew that you were arrested. They were very angry upon hearing about it and wanted me to tell you that you can come and live in my house if your home is not safe and we will scold these bad police.”

I was very moved when I heard this and thanked her parents. Throughout the years, she read the Dafa materials I gave her and now she is reading Zhuan Falun . She would come to my house every few days and ramble on about things that went wrong and ask about those things that she did not understand in Zhuan Falun . Each time when she's leaving, she would say, “It's so nice to come to your house. I feel comfortable after talking with you. The field is very good.”

One of our classmates was a naughty boy, Yuan Fang. He is frank and enthusiastic, daring and has a sense of justice. He is an officer in his work unit and everyone comes to him when they need help. He gives me a call every few days and says, “I feel assured after I hear your voice.” In the beginning, when we had a gathering or dinner, he would not let me mention Falun Gong. When I opened my mouth, he would stop me. I didn't understand why he created trouble when I clarified the truth.

Later, I learned that he was afraid that I would be sad when I mentioned the persecution. Thus, during every gathering, everyone seemed to be watching my face and wanted me to be happy and did not allow me to “say these sad things.” When I learned about this, I was even more grateful to everyone from my heart. I understood that ordinary people are unable to understand the cultivator's state of mind and do not know the significance of clarifying the truth.

After untying this knot, I am now able to talk freely. At one gathering, he pulled me to one side and said, “Let me confide in you, Li Jia. I have several houses and there are some empty ones. If you feel that they [the police] are coming or giving you trouble at your house, your whole family can move and live in my empty house. Also, I have buddies in the police system. Come and find me if someone gives you trouble and everything will be settled. You can call on any of us and we will come to your aid. Do not keep quiet and tolerate the persecution!” Afterwards, he lowered his voice and said in my ear, “Other Falun Gong practitioners have taken refuge in my house. It is guaranteed to be alright.”

My classmates are now in their sixties. After 40 years, our largest gatherings are during our children's weddings.

One day, Xiao Hua's son was getting married. Everyone from that family was present during the ceremony. When we were young, we were neighbors. I know her parents and siblings very well, and it was very warming to see each again after so many years. I greeted Xiao Hua first and said, “Your family has already quit the CCP and its related organizations. I must talk to your parents and siblings.” She said, “Go ahead. I am busy now.” I went to greet her father, Uncle Xiao, and after making small talk I said, “Do you know that millions of people have quit the CCP and its related organizations?”

Puzzled, he looked at me and said, “A few people have already told me about this.” I said “That's because everyone cares about you! Have you quit yet?” He said, “No.” I said, “You are a veteran official! You know better than anyone else about the CCP. You have watched me grow up. I was a good child. I'm persuading you to quit the CCP, and it is for your own good! I wouldn't lie to you, would I?” He said, “That's true.” He thought for a moment and asked, “Should I quit then?” Then he firmly said, “I quit!” and he laughed heartily. I continued to ask, “How about your grandchildren?” He waved his hand and said, “Go and talk to them, go and talk to them.” At the wedding reception, 13 people from the Xiao family quit the CCP and its related organizations.

It's not an easy decision for a person in his eighties with more than 50 years of party membership to quit. A year later, I heard that he had liver ascites and was hospitalized. His life had apparently come to an end and they prepared various painkillers for him. I went to the hospital to visit him and asked him to recite, “Zhen-Shan-Ren is good, Falun Dafa is good”. Xiao Hua was at his side urging him to recite. Uncle Xiao was wide awake and recited over and over again. A few days later, Xiao Hua told me that her father has passed away peacefully. Not one painkiller was needed, and the doctors were surprised, as such cases were rare.

Lin Shen was demobilized from the army into the local police department and is in the unit that directly persecutes Falun Gong. Each time we met, I told him not to be involved in persecuting of Dafa disciples. He said, “I am like this!” He stretched out his two hands, and first covered his right eye, then his left eye; after which he pressed his right ear down then pressed his left ear.

I said, “You can't cover your eyes and block your ears. You must understand the truth.” He said, “Don't tell me! I have a computer in my office desk and I read the Minghui website every day. I know everything!” Oh! I did not expect this. He used his finger and pointed to his nose and said solemnly, “I am a good person, not an evil policeman!” Afterwards, he whispered into my ears and said, “My mom also practices Falun Gong!” Wow! I was so happy for them!

Each time our classmates met, I always packed a big bag of materials and CDs to give to everyone. One time, it was at a classmate's child's wedding. I just walked in and two hands pressed my shoulders from behind and I heard a voice saying, “Guess who?” The classmates in front laughed. Was there a need to guess? Lin Shen poked his head out from behind, looked at the big bag in my hand and said, “What good things have you brought us today?” Everyone giggled. Every time when we met, I would inquire about his mother. He also told me, “My mom always asked about you and hopes that you are safe and are not in danger. If you are in trouble, she would look for me...” He elongated the word “me” and exaggerated the word in three tones. The classmates also told Lin Shen, “Let us tell you this! The safety of Li Jia is in your hands. If she is in any slight trouble, we will all look for you!”

My classmates have relatives, colleagues, neighbors and good friends who are Dafa disciples, thus have heard the truth from different angles.

Cheng Cheng was the first person that I persuaded to do the “three withdrawals” and it was easy for him to quit. I only said a few words and he said, “It's stupid to follow the CCP. I quit!” Afterwards, I learned from practitioners that Cheng Cheng's sister is also a Dafa disciple and it is also Dafa that saved her from death. It's no wonder that as a doctor, Cheng Cheng even more understands the preciousness of Dafa. It was a classmate's child's wedding again and I saw classmates that I had not seen for a long time. I could not finish clarifying the truth to everyone. When the wedding finished, Cheng Cheng sent us home.

One of the classmates was the first to leave the car and I did not have enough time to clarify the truth to her. I said to Cheng Cheng, “Wait for me,” and I alighted too. I pulled that classmate over and clarified the truth to her. I even gave her a Shen Yun DVD. Cheng Cheng and the other classmates in the car waited for me while I talked to her. After I got back into the car, I was embarrassed and apologized. However, Cheng Cheng said, “You are doing a good thing! You are saving people!” I didn't know what to say. I am very grateful to these people with predestined connections who understand the truth. They are doing what they are supposed to do.

Cao Gui's sister also cultivates Dafa and lives in another place. He would stay in his sister's home for a few days every year. Every time after he returned, he would talk endlessly about how healthy his sister is and that she's always optimistic and cheerful. He also talked about how she printed Dafa materials at home and distributed them. He even came across Dafa disciples having a Fa conference and talked about how they cultivated and saved people. His sister also showed him how to practice the exercises. He said, “When I practice meditation, I feel like I'm floating. That feeling is very comfortable.”

Cao Gui stammered a little. The more eagerly he wanted to express himself, the more he could not speak well and his face would become flushed. “My sister practices every day and she looks very young. But, I did not practice after I went home. Also, I do not have the exercise instructions video and exercise music.” Thus, I gave them to him and hoped he continues to practice.

He is really good and helpful when clarifying the truth to the other classmates. While I talked, he would add details. We also reminded each other who we can contact and ask to come for the next gathering. If he is able to meet that classmate, I would give him the materials and he would be able to quickly transfer the materials to that classmate. In our next meet-up, he would tell me the process of transferring the materials, what he said and how much the classmate understood. When he is doing that, he is very happy. He is happy from his heart and he understands the urgency of saving people.

After he retired, he went to be a security guard, as he had nothing to do. I told him, “You cannot hurt Falun Gong practitioners when you are on duty! You must protect them!” He said, “Of course!” I said, “There are still others! There are a group of several people on duty too.” He assured me, “As long as I'm around, there will be no problem!”

During another classmate's child's wedding, Da Chuan deliberately sat beside me and said, “Today I have to go off first. But let me explain something. Last time that thing that you asked me to take along, I've delivered it to the hands of everyone and did not miss anyone.” As he was saying this, he counted the names on his fingers. During the last meeting, I gave him five Shen Yun DVDs and entrusted him to help me give it to the next batch of classmates because it was easier for him to contact them. During that classmate's child's wedding, Da Chuan used the opportunity to deliver the DVDs to their hands and also brought my words to them. He said, “This thing must be done without any delay.”

He then turned around, pointed to the person sitting at the next table and asked if I recognized him. When he mentioned Yang Feng, I was really amazed. A shrewd smart boy had become an old man. Alas, life is too fast after not meeting for 40 years! Da Chuan waved to Yang Feng and I went over. In the aisle between the tables, we shook hands. He said in a loud voice, “Falun Dafa is good, Li Jia!” I was surprised. He saw my surprised look and added, “I must say Falun Dafa is good when I see you!” His voice was very loud and the people at the next table looked at us. I dragged him to an empty chair against the wall and sat down.

I asked, “You cultivate Dafa too, Yang Feng?” He said, “I do not practice. It is my mom who practices Falun Gong.” After asking each other about our situation after nearly four decades, I asked him, “Your mother cultivates Dafa, so you already know the truth?” He said proudly, “I know. There are more than ten people studying the Fa every day at my house. My mom is in her eighties and she goes out every day to clarify the truth. A person of such an old age, and now it's winter and icy and snowing. Two days ago, she slipped and fell and did not tell us, but she is alright.”

I asked him, “So you understand the truth. Do you tell others?” Yang Feng straightened his back, cleared his throat and said, “This is what I say, 'Take my mom as an example. She is in her eighties and she is not ill. As her children, we have peace of mind... who do we attribute this to? Anyway, I only know that Falun Dafa is good!'” Looking at him, I could not contain my happiness for him and laughed. He asked me, “Is it okay for me to say it like this?”

Da Chuan was calling for him to come. Yang Feng got up hastily and said, “I will take you to my home someday and you can talk with my mom and others... Falun Dafa is good!”

Falun Dafa is good! This is the heartfelt voice from sentient beings who have understood the truth.

I hope that my classmates are able to sense the Buddha Fa and obtain well-being. I hope more people in the world will study Dafa and be saved.